Main Hoon Aparajita 17th November 2022 Written Update:

Main Hoon Aparajita 17th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Aparajita consulting with somebody on the telephone about a clothing bill. Aparajita puts food on a plate and is going to eat the food. Akshay is demonstrated to be shielding herself from the protestors. Nia sits tight for Aparajita’s little girls in the eatery.

Mohini calls Nia and asks where did she go? Mohini says she went to an eatery and says she told Akshay and he is likewise going to join her. At the point when Mohini attempts to converse with Nia the association goes off. Nia apologizes to Mohini for concealing reality in her heart.

Guffran says there is a ton of ruin happening outside his home and he was terrified to emerge. Aparajita stresses and calls the Disha to find out where they are? Asha tells Disha and Chavi that this lunch plan is made by Nia. Aparajita requests that Guffram actually look at the news on the web.

Guffran sees and says the Web is down. Asha says her companion will give them a treat. Disha says to ask Asha’s companion to the food court. Asha requests that Chavi persuade Disha saying it won’t be great and her companion will blow up. Chavi persuades Disha not to contend with Asha. Disha concurs.

Chavi receives a message from Go and tells Disha that she will come in 10 min. Disha inquires as to whether she will meet Go. Chavi says OK. Asha persuades Disha saying Aparajita definitely is familiar with Chavi and Go and there is compelling reason need to tell her anything. Asha gives an additional 5 min to Chavi and requests that she come in 15 min. Disha inquires as to whether she was doing quick.

Chavi says Go is additionally doing the quick for her. Disha’s remarks on their way of behaving. Chavi says she will come in 15 min and leaves from that point. Akshay calls Nia however the call doesn’t associate. Nia welcomes Asha and Disha. Asha apologizes to Disha for misleading her. Nia expresses gratitude toward Asha for aiding her. She expresses Disha to sit and talk. Disha says one second.

Aparajita ponders how to understand what’s going on as the web isn’t working. Pup comes there with Cart. She requests that Aparajita close the shop as mobs are going on in the city. She asks where are her little girls.

Aparajita says they went to the shopping center. Pup chastens her for sending them without paying attention to her alerts. Aparajita sees Cart is absent. Guffran requests that they come inside as protestors come there. Aparajita sends Pup inside and she goes to save Cart. Disha reprimands Asha for misleading her and she says she will leave. Asha admits that she ate sargi.

Disha inquires as to why she ate it. Asha tells her she ate for her family’s prosperity and Nia is great so we can be companions now. Nia begs Disha to acknowledge her lunch treat. Disha acknowledges it. They call server. Nia asks where is Chavi. Asha says she is arriving in some time. Disha arranges such a lot of food.

Asha asks Disha for what reason she requested such a lot of food when she realizes that she and Chavi are fasting. Disha says me and Nia will eat as her father is rich. Nia says their father. Disha says no, he is only your father and we have quite recently our mother.

Guffran and Pup conceal in the shop. Pup appeals to God for her girl. Aparajita looks for Cart. Akshay battles with protestors to save the couple. Driver illuminates Mohini about riots. Mohini feels stressed for Akshay and Nia. Amma hears it.

Akshay runs from protestors and takes cover behind a vehicle. Aparajita saves Cart and they stow away from protestors. Akshay sees such countless missed calls from Nia. He calls her and requests that she not emerge from the eatery and cautions her about riots. Nia couldn’t hear his voice and requests that he come soon and cuts the call.

Aparajita calls Police for help. Then, she calls Disha and accepts her number is inaccessible. The server puts food on the table. Asha inquires as to whether she can eat all the food. Disha says she can and eats the food. Nia hangs tight for Akshay.

Mohini calls Nia however Nia didn’t go to her calls. Akshay calls Mohini and tells her he will bring Nia home and the call gets detached. Aparajita asks God to save her little girls.

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