Sanjog 16th November 2022 Written Update:

Sanjog 16th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gauri hurting herself to act before Kotharis that she saved Tara. She conveys the last option when she was oblivious and begins removing her from the godown. Though, Amrita sees her and reasons that she was behind Tara’s abducting.

Gauri encounters Amrita while the last option faces her. Gauri takes off from that point while Amrita attempts to get her. She follows the last option and Gauri arrives at the extension. She takes steps to toss Tara down from that point and ask Amrita not to approach her. Amrita gets frightened and ask Gauri to avoid anything to Tara.

Gauri grins and declares to show a thing or two to Amrita. She expresses that she will hurt Tara on the off chance that Amrita will not disappear from that point, while the last option begins counting. Gauri gets mistaken for Amrita’s way of behaving and questions her about it, while she scowls at Gauri and states that she have a fall back to save her little girl from Gauri.

Around then police comes there while Gauri gets stunned seeing them. The police encompasses her and Rajeev grabs Tara from Gauri. He reproaches her for attempting to hurt his girl while Gauri begins her acting and broadcasts that Amrita was the person who requested that she remove Tara from the house.

Amrita takes Tara and cries touching her hair. Gauri shows the check and lies about Amrita paying off her for grabbing Tara. She likewise uncovers that Chanda is Rajeev and Amrita’s little girl, while Tara is her and Gopal’s little girl. She uncovers about the trading of the children and furthermore tells about her actual character.

Rajeev denies to accept Gauri however the last option shows every one of the evidences and curves it against Amrita. Tara gets cognizant and hears Gauri’s assertion. She becomes stunned and again blacks out being powerless. Though, Rajeev defies Amrita while she attempts to make sense of her viewpoint. She attacks Gauri for lying while the last option says that she can promise on her little girl.

Ahead, they goes inside the Kotharis house and the specialist guarantees that Tara will before long get fine. Chanda gets stressed for Tara and cares for her, while the last option gets cognizant and reviews Gauri’s words. She drives Chanda away from her and declares that she isn’t her companion and just a worker. Chanda gets injured by Tara’s words and becomes close to home.

Rajeev uncovers reality before his family and blames Amrita to be a lier. He declares that she don’t merit being close to Tara while the last option tells that Gauri is lying and she gave her cash just to keep Chanda with them. Gauri and Gopal stands their seeing the show, while she request that he keep silent. In the mean time, Rajeev declares that he can’t remain with Amrita any longer and request that she take off from the house, while Rakshita gets happy and believes that they will dispose of Amrita.

Further, Amrita denies to leave the house and broadcasts that she have every one of the freedoms to remain there. She cries and reviews how she acknowledged everybody as her own, while Rajeev breaks his binds with her. Rajeshwari in the middle among them and denies to acknowledge Rajeev’s choice.

She broadcasts that Amrita will stay put and expresses that reality will in the middle between them. She tells that it can impact the children life thus guidance everybody to conceal it from the general public. She stands up to Gauri and request that she give Chanda to them, while Gopal becomes stunned.

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