Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th June 2022 Written Update:

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sarika lets Suhani know that in 6 hours Gehna’s down is finished. Sikandar says that he annihilated every one of the evidences so even Kaddu bua can’t save Gehna and moves towards his room. In the mean time, Shreya look through the copy key of storage in Sikandar’s room.

Sikandar comes there and insults her for supporting Gehna. He requests that she imagine that what she will do once Gehna goes out. He enters the washroom. She sees mud from his point of view and she illuminates about it to Gehna. Gehna says that imagine a scenario where copy key of storage is in the nursery.

Then again, Dada meets Jeweler and lets him know that he carried a cop with him. Goldsmith gets frightened hearing him. Surya camouflages himself as cop and comes there. He lets Jeweler know that he came to capture him.

Goldsmith requests that he quiet down and we should talk. He advises his aide Deepak to bring lemonade for Surya. Surya shows Gehna’s photograph to him and inquires as to whether she came to his shop. Gem dealer lets him know that such countless individuals comes to his shop so he don’t recollect.

Surya really takes a look at the register and requests that Jeweler come clean. He focuses at CCTV camera and requests film. He shows the cuffs. Gem dealer calls Security monitor and requests that he show the CCTV film to Surya. Dada mumbles to Surya that Gehna will not be in the CCTV film. Deepak calls Sikandar and illuminates him about Dada and cop’s appearance. Sikandar cautions him to not take his name at any expense and separates the call.

Suhani advises Sarika that now is the right time to get a third individual among Surya and Gehna. She calls Sakuni and tells her beginning and end.

Gehna and her posse look through in the nursery yet they tracks down nothing. Gehna says that she tracked down nothing yet so she is anxious about the possibility that that she can’t effectively defend herself. She adds that she can’t ease off at this point. She finds Sikandar’s vehicle key in the nursery. She says that something is in Sikandar’s vehicle without a doubt. Shreya tells her that simply an hour left. Gehna attempts to open Sikandar’s vehicle however conceals seeing Sikandar. He takes his wallet and heads inside.

Surya watches the CCTV film however just rear is noticeable. He asks Jeweler that who is that woman. Gem dealer lets him know that he don’t have a clue about that. Surya ponders that how he will defend Gehna.

Suhani, Sikandar and Sarika commends their prosperity. Gehna and her posse goes into the house. Suhani inquires as to whether the last option didn’t went out yet. Sikandar insults Gehna. Dadi chastens Sikandar. Suhani requests that Gehna pack her gear and leave. Gehna tells her that still she has few moments to effectively defend herself. Suhani tells her that she will toss her out of the house once the time is finished.

Precap – Gehna look through the verification in the workplace. She tracks down diamond setter’s card there. Somebody contacts her shoulder.

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