Imlie 24th June 2022 Written Update:

Imlie 24th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Aryan let Jyoti know that the guilty party will be rebuffed assuming he wrongly denounced Madhav. Jyoti gets apprehensive and there Kairi gets into figuring what will be Jyoti’s following stage as she most likely is aware Imlie knows about her reality. Kairi gets a thought from Gudiya and she thinks Jyoti realizes Imlie knows about her reality however Jyoti doesn’t realize Kairi is Imlie. She goes to meet Jyoti.

Jyoti thinks Aryan turns out to be more canny at whatever point she attempts to affect him against Madhav. Kairi comes to her and behaves like crying. Kairi whines against Imlie that the last’s family members are irritating her a great deal. She cant take that any longer.

Jyoti figures Kairi will assist her with executing her arrangement as she likewise disdains Imlie. She asks Kairi for help however figures Kairi can be brilliant like Imlie so she conceals the matter. Aryan arrives at clinic and sees it burst into flames. He races to save Madhav and his mom.

Jyoti reviews how she told Harry to set the medical clinic ablaze prevent Aryan from knowing reality. Harry illuminates Police that Aryan endeavored to kill Madhav and his mom. Aryan has come to reconfirm if Madhav kicked the bucket. Harry behaves like a journalist and advises the overseer to capture Aryan. Police showed up and captures Aryan for endeavoring to kill allegations. Aryan gets stunned.

Kairi converses with Jyoti once more and the last option says her task is finished so she needn’t bother with Kairi’s assistance. Kairi acclaims her and the last option says she needs to drink liquor with her new companion Kairi. Kairi figures she can’t drink liquor as she is pregnant. Jyoti gives her wine and figures she will gain proficiency with Kairi’s reality assuming Imlie sent her.

Imlie outmaneuvers her and behaves like she drank it before Jyoti. She makes Jyoti intoxicated and realizes how she has treated Madhav. Jyoti uncovers today Madhav will bite the dust without a doubt because of fire mishap. Kairi gets stressed and Harry prevents Jyoti from telling anything further. Jyoti can’t remain because of inebriated state. Harry advises Kairi to leave and reprimands Jyoti.

Jyoti moves and Harry chooses to take off from the house while she isn’t in her detects. Yet, Jyoti prevents him from leaving. She breaks a jug on her hand saying his trepidation ought not be disappeared that without any problem. Imlie thinks Jyoti has crossed all cutoff points and afterward she comes to be aware from Aryan’s legal counselor that Aryan is captured for attempting to kill Madhav. She thinks now Jyoti is attempting to trap Aryan.

Kairi arrives at police headquarters and the assessor requests that she do without taking any stuff of her own. She behaves like she has told the truth the spot. She meets Aryan and asks him what is he doing here? Aryan educates her regarding his issues with Imlie and says he went to mind Madhav when Imlie let him know that he may be guiltless. Imlie gets glad to realize that Aryan paid attention to her.

Precap-Kairi transforms into Imlie and Harry gets her. He stands up to her and she is stunned to see him. He says Kairi is Imlie and Imlie is Kairi.

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