Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd June 2022 Written Update:

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd June 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Jeweler opens Gehna’s storage. Seth family tracks down their gems in the storage. Suhani admonishes Gehna. Surya asks Gehna that what is this. Suhani asks Kaddu bua that assuming the last option actually feels that Gehna is guiltless.

Sikandar asks Kaddu bua to say something. Kaddu bua says that they will talk in the house and they leaves from that point. After some time, Kaddu bua says that they will discuss burglary tomorrow first thing. Sarika asks her that how might they rest calmly when theif is remaining with them.

Gehna tells Kaddu bua that it’s a snare. She adds that she took nothing. Sikandar charges Gehna. Surya requests that he stay in his cutoff points. Sikandar says that it’s Gehna who stoled why he needs to remain in his cutoff points. He requests that they toss Gehna out of the house. He attempts to drag Gehna so Surya stops the previous.

Suhani asks Kaddu bua to take choice. She adds that Sikandar went to prison when he fouled up. Dada requests that she not drag the matter since it’s a family matter. Sikandar says that he is likewise this relative yet he went to prison. He adds that they can’t leave Gehna in light of the fact that she is Surya’s significant other. Kaddu bua lets him know that he is talking excessively. He says that he is coming clean as it were. Sarika says that Surya related individuals don’t get rebuffed in this house. Suhani argues Kaddu bua to take choice.

Kaddu bua says that Gehna needs to take off from the house. Surya attempts to say something however Sikandar hinders and requests that he do whatever it takes not to persuade Kaddu bua to save his theif spouse. Sarika lets Gehna know that she can help her in pressing. Kaddu bua says that Gehna ought to take off from the house in the event that she can’t effectively defend herself till tomorrow then. Sikandar tells her that he can see that she is attempting to save Gehna. She lets him know that in the event that court can allow an opportunity to him why might she at any point allow an opportunity to Gehna.

Afterward, Surya lets Gehna know that he will defend herself. Urmila gives Gehna’s hoop to her and says that this stud beats were tracked down in Suhani’s handbag. Surya says that that is impractical. He adds that he will converse with Suhani about this.

Gehna stops him and says that they can’t ready Suhani by going up against her. Urmila lets Surya know that she will assist him with defending Gehna. He advises her that he is sufficient to effectively defend Gehna and heads inside. Gehna lets Urmila know that they need to track down the copy key of storage.

Following day, Gehna calls bother control administrations to Seth house. She look through the copy key when everybody is outside. Sikandar grasps Gehna’s arrangement. She tracks down copy key of storage in Sikandar’s room however Sikandar hauls her out of the room.

Gehna tells Kaddu bua that there is evidence in Sikandar’s cabinet. Shreya tells her that she will help her. In the mean time, Surya and Dada stalls out in the rush hour gridlock. Dada lets Surya know that they need to compromise the gem dealer to become familiar with reality. He adds that they can’t include the Police. Surya sees traffic cop and gets a thought.

Precap – Gehna lets her pack know that she is apprehensive on the grounds that she tracked down nothing to defend herself. She finds Sikandar’s vehicle key and attempts to open the vehicle. Sikandar comes there.

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