Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd June 2022 Written Update:

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd June 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Gehna says that she just took cash from the storage to give it to Suhani. She adds that she took nothing. Suhani tells her that the last option had storage key and presently the storage is vacant which demonstrates that the last option took everything. She requests that she acknowledge that the last option took it.

Surya says that Gehna can’t follow through with something like this. Gem specialist comes there and gives Gehna’s hoop to her. Urmila says that this hoop just Gehna lost today. Gehna thanks the goldsmith and asks him that where he tracked down it. He tells her that he is coming from the gem retailer which she visited before. Everybody gets stunned hearing him.

Sarika says that presently it’s affirm that Gehna just took everything. She lets Surya know that he shouldn’t confide in Gehna. Gehna asks them that how might they trust gem specialist over her. She asks diamond setter that when she visited his shop. She advises him to acknowledge that he lied.

Suhani asks her that for what valid reason the last option need to conceal that she visited gems shop. Sikandar says that now he is certain that gem dealer has every one of the gems. Surya safeguards Gehna. Gehna asks gem specialist that for what good reason the last option lying. She lets Surya know that she don’t have the foggiest idea about this gem specialist. She requests that he trust her. Dada and Dadi says that they trust Gehna.

Surya requests that gem specialist leave from that point. Sikandar stops him and requests that he do whatever it takes not to save his theif spouse. Surya lets him know that Gehna isn’t a theif. He cautions him to not call Gehna as theif. Sikandar lets him know that reality is before him still he would rather not see it. Surya says that he knows Gehna and he is certain that Gehna took nothing.

Suhani requests that they quit battling. She says that Kaddu bua will take the choice. Gehna inquires as to whether they have little to no faith in her. She adds that how they will respond in the event that she demonstrated blameless. Kaddu bua says that everybody needs to apologize to Gehna. Sikandar concurs with her.

Seth family arrives at the gem retailer. Retailer converses with Gehna like he knows her quite well. Gehna says that she is coming here first time. He advises her that she came to keep her gems in the storage. She says that he is lying and first time she is seeing him. Gem dealer brings the enlistment book and shows Gehna’s mark. Surya asks Gehna that what the last’s signature doing there. Retailer says that appears as though there is an issue. Sarika lets him know everything. Urmila says that it’s a snare.

Surya sees the CCTV camera and requests that retailer show the recording. Retailer lets him know that that is not CCTV camera. He calls Security watch and requests that he tell that when Gehna came. Safety officer says that Gehna came today. Sikandar tells Kaddu bua that they ought to open the storage. Retailer says that Gehna has the key. Kaddu bua requests that he break the storage.

After some time, Gehna tells Urmila that Suhani should have copy key and they need to find that to effectively defend herself. She calls Dada and requests that he track down the copy key of storage. She look through Suhani’s tote. Dada considers Gehna and tells her that copy key isn’t in the house. Surya lets Gehna know that he is with her.

Precap – Gehna says that she took nothing. Suhani tells her that verifications are against the last option. She requests that Kaddu take a choice. Kaddu says that Gehna needs to take off from the house as discipline.

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