Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st June 2022 Written Update:

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st June 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Gehna takes older folks endowments and leaves for a halfway house. Dada lauds Kaddu’s shelter thought. Kaddu lets him know that Surya and Gehna will rejoin and Suhani can do nothing. Shreya comes there and lets Kaddu know that the last option’s arrangement got floundered. She uncovers that Suhani sent Surya to office.

Kaddu gets stunned hearing her. She calls Surya and inquires as to whether the last option arrived at halfway house. Surya tells her that he is occupied with office work so it’s unrealistic for him to go to halfway house. She lets him know that children holding up there and even Gehna is occupied with family errands. He advises her that he will attempt to go to halfway house. Older folks leaves for sanctuary.

Sikandar harms Shreya by holding her hand firmly. Shreya shouts for help. Sikandar tells her that they ought to invest some quality energy. He hauls her from that point. She argues him to leave her. He takes her to their room and locks it from inside.

In the shelter, Gehna plays with kids. Surya comes there and sees that. They gazes one another. They invests energy with kids ( Itni si hasi tune plays behind the scenes ). They sees that a child is crying. The two attempts to pick that child and Gehna picks it eventually.

Surya requests that she give the child to him. Gehna lets him know that no one but mother can deal with the child. He tells her that even a dad can deal with the child. One person clicks Gehna and Surya’s image with that child. He shows the image to Gehna and Surya. They plays with kids once more. After some time, Gehna lets kids know that they need to leave for the present yet they will get back to play with them.

Gehna and Surya arrives at Seth manor. Suhani ponders that how Surya doing Gehna when she sent Surya to office. Kaddu says that Gehna and Surya looks great together. Urmila asks Gehna that how was the modern’s. Gehna tells her that she appreciated such a great amount in the halfway house and discusses kids. Kaddu says that seems like Gehna going to become a mother soon.

Urmila sees that Gehna’s one hoop is missing and informs Gehna. Kaddu chides Gehna for losing the stud. Gehna apologizes to her and says that she would have lost it while playing with kids. Urmila requests that she check in her room as well. Gehna gestures at her.

Afterward, Gehna makes Sikandar take the boiling water bowl and high temp water spills on him. Shreya comes there and requests that Gehna not conflict with Sikandar for her. Gehna tells her that she isn’t anxious about Sikandar. She cautions Sikandar to not hurt Shreya. Sikandar tells her that he will show her place to her and leaves from that point.

After some time, Sarika lets Kaddu know that she believes her adornments should wear for her companion’s marriage. Kaddu gets stunned and shouts seeing the storage unfilled. Everybody assembles there hearing her shouting. Suhani says that it never worked out. Sarika inquires as to whether any other person opened the storage with the exception of Kaddu. Kaddu says that she gave the storage key to Gehna finally.

Precap – Gehna says that she took nothing. Suhani tells her that verifications are against the last option. She requests that Kaddu take a choice. Kaddu says that Gehna needs to take off from the house as discipline.

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