Rishton Ka Manjha 22nd January 2022 Written Update:

Arjun calls his man and says watch out for the request board and all the memebers. He says Karan will attempt control individuals who gave explanations. Karan shouldn’t get to them and their telephones ought to be off.

Diya comes in. Arjun says we have taken care of everybody except just Anjali Agarwal is left. Diya says perhaps any individual from the request board has a thought regarding her? Or then again perhaps not on the grounds that they were totally examined independently? Madhuri hears them talking.

Karan discovers Arjun is as of now conversing with individuals from request board and they are altogether going to uncover him and aiding Arjun. Karan says I’ve to stop Arjun no matter what.
Madhuri cries and blows up over herself.

She says this reality will break Arjun. I would prefer to kick the bucket than to see my Arjun abhorring me. Depika comes in and tells her something. Madhuri grins. Arjun says to Diya three individuals from the rundown have kicked the bucket since they were old. Perhaps they knew who Anjali Agarwal is. Diya says we should quit worrying about Anjali. We have an adequate number of individuals with us. Arjun says yet I truly want to know whi she is.

What’s more I am certain she’s not from institute in any case Iw ould have known her. Diya says however for what reason would they take her explanation then, at that point? Arjun says in heart it very well may be father’s down to warmly greet Mr. Khurana. Amitabh more likely than not delivered an individual named Anjali so he can benefit in his business. Diya says perhaps you’re correct. Arjun says I will discover no matter what her identity is.

Around evening time, Arjun hits punching back. Diya comes in and checks out him with affection. She gives Arjuna a towel. Arjun grins checking out her. Diya cleans his chest. Arjun says you should rest you have not been resting since days.

Diya says Depika requested that she leave the visitor room. Arjun grins and says I can impart my space to you. Diya grins. She says on the off chance that Arjun doesn’t have an issue then I can move here. Arjun says I am really accustomed to it, I used to share it in the lodging as well. Diya says with young ladies too? Arjun says not his is the firs time I am imparting my space to a young lady.

Karan’s administrator acquires a house cleaner Parvati from Agarwal manor. She’s blindfolded. She shouts for help. They open her eyes and she sees a ton of money on the table. She says I can’t help you sir. Arjun will kill me. He despises you a great deal. Karan places more cash on table. He says you can carry on with for what seems like forever without working with this cash. She takes the cash and says alright I will help you. KAran instructs her. She says I will do it sir.

Around evening time, Paravti slips into Arjun’s room. She keeps a medications parcel there according to Karan’s arrangement. Depika sees her. She expresses why are you here at this hour? Parvati says Arjun and Diya needed wanter. Depika says return to your room. Paravti returns. Kush lets DEpika know all arrangements are finished. I have told Arjun as well.

Depika asks did you tell Niharika? He says no. I don’t think of her as a piece of this family. Depika says you shouldn’t deal with her like that. She is your significant other. Kush expresses what she did was inadmissible.

Diya awakens around evening time. The whole room is embellished and there gifts in general. Diya is stunned. She comes first floor. It’s totally enhanced. Diya says is there any unique event today? She searches for Arjun.Karan plays badminton and reviews Arjun playing. Karan says you have no bearing in bandminton world.

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