Anupama 22nd January 2022 Written Update:

Anupama lets Pakhi know that where there is an objective, there is a way. She says Samar was bad at studies, but rather he knew his objective; even Pakhi should track down her objective or, in all likelihood she will be worn out strolling carelessly;

each kid is unique and has an alternate dream, some need to turn into a specialist, artist, artist, engineer, and so forth, however Pakhi doesn’t have her own fantasy and is paying attention to her companions. She proceeds with her moral gyaan and says once she observes a point in her life, her mom won’t rest until she contacts her point.

She gives last decision that she won’t go to US until she knows how she needs to treat life and recommends her to really focus in and gets a grant like Toshu proposed. Pakhi furiously says fine. Anu says the very best, once in a while their brain get unyielding for wrong things and they need to transform it before life clarifies them easily. Bapu says to ease up the climate says let us end this issue here and praise celebration. Malvika requests that she cheer up.

Anu strolls on patio to mind pickle thinking Pakhi at times gets resolute for wrong explanation. Vanraj strolls to her and says she was attempting to refute him; she addressed him in office with respect to Mukku and at home in regards to youngsters; she perhaps an instructor, yet he isn’t her understudy and not a nitwit to not get what is correct and what’s going on for his kids; he committed an error just a single time and is not off-base 100% of the time.

She says he thinks wrong generally like he is currently, how might he consider everything is with respect to him, she said that to address Sweety and not him. He asks then for what good reason did she stop Muku. She says it wasn’t required there; it was an issue of their girl and it’s not possible for anyone to meddle between guardians, be it Mukku or Anuj.

He says he stayed silent as it was in regards to his kids, yet he will not on the off chance that Anuj meddles in the event that she can’t allow Mukku to meddle. Anu cautions Malvika and not Mukku. Vanraj says she was Malvika yet presently Mukku. Anu cautions him not. He smiles and says he hasn’t begun at this point.

Shah family performs Sankranti pooja. Vanraj performs aarti and gives thali Mukku. Mukku gives thali to Anu next, leaving Vanraj glaring. Bapuji says today is a celebration and when there is joy as a top priority, every day is a celebration. Baa says let us commend celebration then, at that point. Anu supplicates god to give her boldness to deal with everything and wishes cheerful makar sankranti. Shahs go to garden to fly kite.

Mukku energetically says even she will fly kite. Anuj says he really wants to converse with her and says companionship has its own place, however they ought to meddle at certain spots. Mukku says she knows and apologized. GK says its Anupama’s connections first and afterward theirs.

Mukky says she knows and subsequently she was sorry and says let us go now before best kites are picked. Anu says she ought to recall that Vanraj is only his companion and she ought to be cautious as his life is confounded, she should fly kite cautiously or something bad might happen assuming string catches, everybody would be in issue. She gestures yes.

Anu look through Nandini and thinks she really wants to address her. Kinjal calls her. Bapuji declares kite contest. Vanraj says he will win. Baa reminds that he lost to Anu last time. Toshu says mummy flew kite interestingly a year ago. Vanraj says he and his circumstance have changed at this point.

Anu says whether or not circumstance transforms, he changes frequently and ought not think adversary is more fragile than him. Samar says let us start. Anu brings desserts for themselves and apologizes Mukku for chiding her before everybody.

Mukku jokes who is she, how could she come here, who is she and what is she referring to. Anu asks what? Mukku say she forgot everything and even Anu ought to, then, at that point, apologizes Anu. Anu likewise acts and chuckles with her. Anuj feels glad seeing their holding.

Anu then, at that point, sees Samar dismal and proposes her to proceed to persuade Nandini. Mukku asks what closes with such ease. Baa says sweet. Vanraj says mysterious. Mukku says for what reason did he offer the right response unexpectedly early.

Pakhi figures she ought to pick the best kite first and thinks assuming that she picks pink, Samar will insult her, and assuming that she pinks yellow, Toshu will insult her, which tone would it be a good idea for her she select. Anu recommends her to choose one she enjoys and conclude what she needs throughout everyday life or, more than likely she will be dumbfounded for what seems like forever, and so on Kinjal declares a game and requests to pick chits and whoever’s chit is clear can pick their accomplice.

Vanraj picks a clear chit. Baa picks GK’s name, Kinjal picks Samar’s, Bapuji picks Mamaji’s. Anu, Anuj, and Mukku get clear chits. Vanraj composes Mukku’s name and Anuj composes Anu’s name. Anu sees Vanraj controlling chit. Anuj inquires as to whether she is prepared to be his accomplice. Vanraj requests that Mukku prepare to win and smiling at Anu thinks he neglected to lose from hereon.

Precap :Shahs dance. Vanraj contends with Anu and says string and game are in his control. However, anu says not a player. Kavya enters and cuts Vanraj’s string.

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