Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd January 2022 Written Update:

Preesha questions Devimaa for what reason did she send Rudra before him following 5 years when has hitched her sister Vyjayanti, she can’t get back to Rudra now as he doesn’t have a spot for herself and Roohi in his life and subsequently will go far away from him once more.

Vyjayanti faces Bunty for allowing Rudra to meet such a major mishap and inquires as to whether Preesha is alive. He denies and says assuming she was alive, she wouldn’t have given Rudra access a hazardous circumstance. He thinks Preesha is the person who saved Rudra and was with him till his condition standardized. Preesha gets back to Roohi.

Roohi asks how is laal tamatar/red tomato Rudra and says she will proceed to meet him. Preesha stops her and says she can’t meet him again as the two of them got in harm’s way, she should release Rudra as he has a family.

Roohi solicitations to let her meet Rudra one final time. Preesha says no as they are leaving both emergency clinic and this town. Roohi asks reason. Preesha poses not inquiry her and says they will leave at this moment.

Bunty gives Rudra’s medication to Vyjayanti and goes to meet Preesha in Roohi’s room. Nurture illuminates that Roohi was release the previous evening. Bunty figures Rudra will interrogate him regarding Roohi and Preesha and goes to meet Preesha.

Preesha asks how is it that he could conceal reality that Rudra wedded her sister Vyjayanti, she can’t meddle in their lives now. Bunty says there isn’t anything among Rudra and Vyjayanti.

She inquires as to whether they are hitched or not, Bunty lied her over and again, its better she goes from here. Bunty says Rudra can’t live without her. She says he ought to persuade her that Preesha is dead and he saw Roohi’s mom Priya Sharma and envisioned Preesha all things considered, he should leave before Roohi sees him. Bunty leaves.

Bunty gets back to Rudra. Sharda visits Rudra. Rudra opens eyes. Sharda thanks god and asks what had occurred. Rudra asks where is Preesha. Vyjayanti checks out Bunty. Sharda asks how could Preesha come here. Bunty says Preesha is dead.

Rudra asks not to lie as he saw her and fell oblivious in her arms. Bunty says he breathed in overabundance smoke and fell oblivious in Roohi’s mom’s arms. Rudra asks where is Roohi’s mom. Bunty says she is leaving Rothak for eternity. Rudra says he is certain he saw Preesha and strongly passes on clinic to meet Preesha.

Beena maasi and different residents demand Preesha not to leave Rothak. Preesha says after mukhiya’s charge, she would rather not discolor her personality and thus needs to leave Rothak. Roohi says she can’t live without Saachi and argues her to remain back. Preesha says they can’t and removes her.

Rudra arrives at Preesha’s home where Sachi illuminates that Roohi previously left. He questions Beena about Preesha. Beena says Peesha caused problems as a result of him, so she will not. He argues that Preesha is his daily routine and he can’t experience without her. She illuminates that she is going to Shimla and her transport will leave shortly. Rudra runs towards transport stand.

Vyjayanti gets enthusiastic subsequent to hearing Preesha is alive. Sharda says Rudra cherishes just Preesha and subsequently she should release him. Rudra arrives at transport stand and gets tragic hearing Shimla transport left 10 minutes prior. A man illuminates that Shimla transport is late and is going to leave. Rudra strongly enters transport and checks, yet doesn’t track down Preesha. He thinks he lost her again and really takes a look at each passing transport.

Precap :Rudra arrives at Preesha and inquires as to whether Roohi is his little girl. Yuvraj says Roohi is his girl. Bunty illuminates Sharda and Vyjayanti that Preesha is alive. Rudra inquires as to whether Roohi is actually Yuvraj’s little girl.

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