Rishton Ka Manjha 21st January 2022 Written Update:

Arjun says that multitude of individuals would be extremely frightened after Dr. Sen’s homicide. we need to go to the two badminton players. How about we see what they say.

Amitabh expresses what new dramatization has he begun now? What papers would he say he is referring to? Madhuri says he discovered some Anjali Agarwal gave explanation against him. Imagine a scenario where he discovers it was me. He will loathe me. Amitabh expresses what’s in those papers? What’s more who took them? madhuri says I did.

The players come external th camp and say who called us? Arjun comes and says I did. They say we don’t need converse with you. Arjun says don’t go this way. I know you both were essential for that request board. What was the deal? If it’s not too much trouble, tell me. they say please our positions are lost. We are attempting to secure positions still.

Arjun says you both lied for occupations. Karan guaranteed you and still you’re jobless. Diya says if it’s not too much trouble, talk reality and help us. Assuming police find about it, they can send you to imprison yet Arjun needs to save you. Manoj says Karan compressed us. We didn’t have some work. Karan guaranteed us a task. We realized we fouled up with you.

Arjun says he’s violated we all. I will bring all individuals he coerced together. He destroyed many lives. Will you both assistance me? The two of them say OK. Arjun embraces them. Diya says do you know any Anjali Agarwal? We don’t have the foggiest idea who that it.

Amitabh says this has names of individuals who gave articulation. Say thanks to God you took them. Madhuri says he has different confirmations as well. He says I am certain he has nothing else if not he will not have requested 7 days. we need to know their arrangement. We can deal with things. Simply don’t tell anybody your name was Anjali before marriage.

Arjun meets a mentor. He says sir I truly regarded you. If it’s not too much trouble, help me. I realize Karan more likely than not coerced you to give articulation against me.

Amitabh comes to Karan. He says you were stressed over these papers right? Here you have them. Karan says all around good done. You took them? He says that is not significant. Without these evidences Arjun can sit idle. Arjun meets another man and says sir how long would you be able to lie? I need you to get this off your soul. Karan utilized you. It’s your opportunity to remain against him. This si the main opportunity to uncover him. He says I am prepared to give articulation against Karan.

Karan says I am certain Arjun is as yet attempting to track down something. I’m certain he isn’t believing anybody in the house at the present time. He can destroy your life. Assuming he looks into Anjali Agarwal.. He puts hot cut in Amitabh’s grasp. Amitabh shouts. Karan says your family would consume this way.

Diya says not even one of them knew Anjali Agarwal. Say thanks to God we have many individuals with us now. Arjun says we will observe her.Karan says you were never with Arjun. Your better half gave explanation against him. Proceed to prevent him from doing the question and answer session now. Amitabh leaves. Karan calls his men. He says these are for the most part individuals who gave proclamation against Arjun. Call them and request that they meet me.

Kush says you are so narrow minded. She says I didn’t take those papers. I can’t acknowledge it. Madhuri says in heart I took them. She says Kush, she’s swearing on her children. A mother’s affection shouldn’t be addressed. He says Niharika needs to respond to my inquiry. I won’t give her separation yet she needs to avoid me. Enough. To remain here she needs to work in this house and do everything.

Depika says this isn’t right. Niharika says alright make me a house cleaner. It will not get you your papers. Take all of this. Give me worker’s uniform. She cries. Diya says Kush.. Kush says she’s adequately played games. Madhuri says allow her another opportunity. Papers weren’t in the house. What assuming she’s right. Arjun says I feel terrible for you bhabhi. Those papers were significant for me. You never conisdered us your family. Their game will be finished. Like Tina Karan will likewise be in prison. Reality will be out in 7 days. What might befall you?

Karan’s chief says those individuals are generally not in the city. They are totally out of city. Karan says that implies they’re all with Arjun. Arjun met them as of now. Presently he will see my game.

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