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Episode begins with Rajjo telling Pushkar that a dark vehicle hit Manorama, however the police say that it’s hard to track down it as there are many dark vehicles. Pushkar says that the guilty party can’t be seen as with the vehicle’s tone. Rajjo says that God will uncover him and that day she will darken his face. She adds that Manorama will before long emerge from the unconsciousness and will give a depiction of the driver of the dark vehicle. Pushkar becomes restless to hear this.

Arjun is working, sitting at his work area. He moves his moving seat in reverse. The seat hits Rajjo, who is taking the collapsed garments. Rajjo staggers and terrains on Arjun’s lap. They share an eye lock. Urvashi sees them and ends up being incensed. She irately shouts, which carries Arjun and Rajjo to the real world. Arjun requests that Rajjo get up. As Rajjo doesn’t move, he effectively makes her stand and moves away.

Urvashi asks Arjun what Rajjo is doing in his room, sitting on his lap. Arjun says that it was a mishap. Urvashi says that she confides in Arjun, however she can’t confide in Rajjo. Arjun requests that Rajjo leave his room. Urvashi inquires as to whether she didn’t hear what Arjun said. Rajjo fakes yawning and sets down on the lounge chair, declining to leave the room. She claims to wheeze. Arjun leaves the room.

Swara encourages Kalindi to be Madhu’s ally as she is wounded by every one of the new happenings. Kalindi says that Madhu asks her to avoid anything. Swara requests that Kalindi actually attempt, so her relationship with Madhu can turn out to be better and she will contemplate Kalindi and her freedoms in this house. Jhilmil hears this and thinks how idiotic Swara is. Kalindi imagines that she ought to make her position solid in this house before Urvashi does likewise.

Urvashi affronts Rajjo and says that Arjun won’t ever adore her as Rajjo isn’t the sort of young lady that he prefers. She says that Arjun likes a young lady who is equivalent to him in every one of the perspectives, similar to her. Rajjo says that she has a misguided judgment about herself. She says that Urvashi is a fake and her actual face will come before Arjun the day she will uncover her with verification. They contend. Urvashi tears down Rajjo. Rajjo gives her an adept answer to her affront. Urvashi slaps Rajjo.

Urvashi says that she will be behind Arjun till she gets Arjun, then she will satisfy every one of her expectations in the wake of turning into his significant other. She cautions Rajjo not to meddle in her manner, else she will annihilate her. She says to show a brief look at it that evening. Urvashi leaves. Rajjo contemplates whether everybody in the house is visually impaired, why they can’t see Urvashi’s actual face. Kalindi hears their discussion. She offers Rajjo to hold hands with her to uncover Urvashi and save Arjun and the family from Rajjo. Kalindi imagines that Urvashi can open her reality to the family, so she really wants to remove her from this house. Rajjo believes that she additionally needed to oust her from the house. She wonders whether or not to trust Kalindi.

In the mean time, Pushkar offers Urvashi to hold hands with him against Rajjo, as he doesn’t need a young lady like Rajjo to be a contest for his little girl in this house. Rajjo holds hands with Kalindi against Urvashi, while Urvashi collaborates with Pushkar. Urvashi considers show a thing or two to Urvashi by that evening. Kalindi encourages Rajjo to drive Urvashi mad with the goal that she commits any error and gets uncovered. Jhilmil advises Mukund to persuade Arjun to join the privately-owned company.

Arjun prepares to rest. He is happy that he didn’t let Rajjo inside his room. Urvashi goes to Arjun’s room. She staggers on something and tumbles down. Arjun listens to Urvashi’s shout and comes. Urvashi grumbles that Rajjo is lying before his room. Arjun asks Rajjo for what reason she’s snoozing front of his room. Rajjo says for his insurance. She says that nobody can cross her or move her from her. Urvashi irately leaves while an enraged Arjun goes inside the room. Rajjo grins.

Precap: Rajjo says that Arjun doesn’t acknowledge her as his better half, yet she needs to continue to quick for him for his wellbeing. Arjun offers Rajjo water. Rajjo rejects. Arjun asks Rajjo for what reason she is doing show when there’s no connection between them. Rajjo inquires as to why he thinks often about her. Arjun requests that Rajjo break her quick. That’s what rajjo says assuming he breaks her quick he will be called his significant other without a doubt. Arjun looks on.

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