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Episode begins with Madhu offending Rajjo. The last option offers her a well-suited response which incenses Madhu and Urvashi. The two of them prompt Arjun against Rajjo. An incensed Arjun goes to Rajjo. He holds Rajjo’s hand and hauls him nearer to him.

He reprimands Rajjo. He taunts that Rajjo, who required his assistance to find Manorama, will help her. He states how rich he is and jokingly says that he doesn’t require help from individuals like Rajjo. Rajjo reminds Arjun that the unfortunate workers work for rich individuals.

Arjun says that they get compensated. Rajjo says that they’re powerless. Arjun says that Rajjo isn’t powerless to consent to turn into his home servant. Rajjo says that Arjun is angry that she’s prepared to turn into his home house cleaner, yet not prepared to leave him. Arjun says that he needs to dispose of her at any expense.

Rajjo expresses that there’s no expense for her dependability. Arjun asks Rajjo, who double-crossed him, not to talk about dedication. Rajjo is resolute about aiding and safeguarding Arjun and will not take off from the house. She says that Arjun saved her from Vicky, she will save him from Urvashi. Arjun hauls Rajjo to his loved ones.

Arjun rings a bell and pronounces Rajjo as their home’s new house cleaner. He requests that his family ring the chime and make her follow their lead. Afterward, Madhu gives an extensive rundown to Rajjo and requests that she begin to do the family. Urvashi and Jhilmil grin. Rajjo accomplishes practically everything. Madhu, Urvashi and Jhilmil watch this grinning.

Jhilmil intentionally inconveniences Rajjo. Rajjo washes the vehicle. She pours cleanser water over Arjun’s vehicle windshield and washes it when Arjun is sitting inside. She sees time on Arjun’s watch while cleaning the vehicle side window. She recalls that she needs to go to the medical clinic to meet Manorama. She runs from that point, leaving the work incomplete, which incenses Arjun.

She arrives at the clinic by running. She’s perspiring and breathing vigorously. Nangu gets some information about her condition. That’s what he gripes, in spite of being rich, the Thakurs didn’t give their vehicle to Rajjo to arrive at the medical clinic to see her unwell mother.

Rajjo says that she needed to rehearse her running and adds that she didn’t educate Arjun or his family regarding Manorama’s mishap since they might have a hard time believing her. Rajjo converses with Manorama and says the amount she misses her. They go to see the specialist.

At Thakur’s house, Madhu rings the chime and ponders where Rajjo is. Jhilmil says that perhaps Rajjo took off getting frightened of the family. Madhu taunts Rajjo. Urvashi grins. At the medical clinic, as Rajjo is getting late, she advises Nangu to converse with the specialist. She sees Pushkar chatting with the specialist and thinks about the thing he is doing here. Nangu inquires as to whether he knows him. Rajjo gestures yes. Nangu says that he came to see Manorama. Rajjo considers how Pushkar realizes Manorama is here and the way in which he knows her.

Madhu questions Rajjo where she has gone. Rajjo says that she has gone for some work. She says that she pursued finishing basically everything given on her rundown and requests to really look at it. To embarrass Rajjo, Madhu requests that she clean the shoes of the Thakurs men. Rajjo obliges. Chirag will not give his shoes to Rajjo to clean them. Pushkar shows up there and orders Rajjo to clean his shoes. Rajjo complies.

In the interim, Chirag asks Arjun what he is doing. He says that their relatives are mistreating Rajjo. He asks how they can do this. He says that Arjun wasn’t that way and requests that he reevaluate his choice. Here, Rajjo asks Pushkar for what valid reason he went to see her mother. Pushkar says that he is a supporter of that clinic. He asks what has been going on with her mother. Rajjo says that she met with a mishap. Pushkar passes a deriding remark. He inquires as to whether he realizes who hit her with the vehicle. Rajjo says that she doesn’t have any idea, yet she knows a certain something.

Precap: Rajjo says that Arjun doesn’t acknowledge her as his significant other, yet she needs to continue to quick for him for his wellbeing. Arjun offers Rajjo water. Rajjo denies. Arjun asks Rajjo for what good reason she is doing show when there’s no connection between them. Rajjo inquires as to why he thinks often about her. Arjun requests that Rajjo break her quick. That’s what rajjo says assuming he breaks her quick he will be called his significant other no doubt. Arjun looks on.

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