Mere Sai Written Update 19th October 2022:

Mere Sai Written Update 19th October 2022 on

Sai requests that Bapu Saheb loan a cash to Kartik and says he needs to begin another business. Bapu Saheb says this is perfect and I will be eager to assist, here Kartik have this cash. Kartik says no I simply need 2k and will return in 1 year.

Bapu Saheb says I like your genuineness and gives him cash. Kartik says I need to keep my shops name on your moms name, I’m grateful for a the affection you gave, my dad never gave me that adoration. Sai asks Savitri is she cheerful. Savitri says OK and says I trust Dhaniram learns his example as well.

Dhaniram ponders how he offended Kartik and Sai’s recommendation. Chandu compliments Dhaniram and says Kartik has opened new shop, be blissful yet for what reason do you look so focused. Dhaniram says I’m great and thinks Kartik has taken my neckband to arrangement shop and didn’t actually welcome me.

Chandu lets a man know that Kartik is helped by Bapu Saheb for shop thus he is naming the shop Asha. Dhaniram flies off the handle and tosses table and seat and yells this is all Kartik’s stunt, he is offending me by naming the shop on another person, regardless of whether he asks now I will not go. Kartik listens this and feels terrible.

Bapu Saheb sees shop name and in tears. Neera inquires as to for what reason are you vexed. Bapu Saheb says these are bittersweet tears happiness. Bapu Saheb sees Kartik is vexed and asks Savitri whats the issue. Savitri tells him, Kartik’s dad hasn’t arrived so he is disturbed.

Kartik recalls how Dhaniram actually denounces him and says Aai, I don’t figure Baba will come since he believes assuming I go in misfortune individuals will ask him for cash. Savitri says he is dazed by his concerns, yet Sai said Dhaniram will come however even I accept he will not. Malchapati says in the event that Sai has said, Dhaniram will come.

Bapu Saheb meets Sai, Sai says great you came here I needed to thank you for Kartik, additionally I believe you should gift something for Neera, see that is Dhaniram’s home, Kartiks fatger purchase adornments from him and furthermore purchase kurta Kartik gave him and don’t sit around go rapidly, you need to go to introduction as well.

Bapu Saheb visits Dhaniram, and says he needs to purchase earings. Dhaniram asks who are you. Bapu Sahev presents himself. Dhaniram recollects Bapu Saheb has lended cash to Kartik and says so you loaned cash to Kartik, great you came here let me clear you I .not reimbursing any cash assuming he is in misfortune, I’m not answerable for this and furthermore won’t give these earings free of charge.

Bapu Saheb says I’m here to get them and furthermore I have gifted him that cash and on the off chance that on the off chance that he is in misfortune I will assist a thoughtful kid with enjoying him, I have taken in my example in time thus accept it as guidance truly do come for initiation or probably you will lament for your entire life. Dhaniram says on the off chance that he wants me he ought to have come, I’m not coming. Bapu Saheb says alright give me earings and the Kurta he gave you. Dhaniram says get lost I’m not giving you anything. Bapu Saheb says OK and says you will doubtlessly lament this and leaves.

Dhaniram blows up and says first he takes cash, gets me Kurta and afterward asks it back,I will discard this kurta and tosses it outside, he finds a note in the container which peruses – Baba Sai has prompted not to concern you so I won’t inconvenience you requesting cash and I’m showing kids in town and brought in some cash and here is Kurta for you, with affection Kartik.

Sai strolls to Dhaniram and says you found reality right and picks the kurta.

Kartik asks Bapu Saheb where was he, Bapu Saheb says I took a stab at getting your dad however I’m grieved. Patil asks where is Sai.

Dhaniram says I’m his dad and he didn’t welcome me. Sai says he stick yesterday however you were accusing him and tossing things. Dhaniram takes Kurta from Sai and says I will go for the initiation Sai. Munik strolls to Dhaniram and requests jewelry. Dhaniram says it will require 2 days more and I will convey myself.

Dhaniram says Sai I got profound briefly and disregarded the accessory and I can’t pardon them for taking. Sai asks Dhaniram what verifications he has that his family has taken it. Dhaniram says how could somebody take just ine neckband so it’s most certainly them and on second thought of showing them example you are behind me and I know reality so I won’t uphold them.

Pre cap: Kartik tells Sai I figured you will bring Baba. Sai says Dhaniram isn’t a youngster. Chandu says Sai said he will get Dhaniram, did Sai come up short. Kartik going to initiate the shop.

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