Mere Sai Written Update 18th October 2022:

Mere Sai Written Update 18th October 2022 on

Dhaniram looking for water yet all that he contacts becomes gold, and says just Sai can help me and surges. Kulkarni shares with Chandulkar, I will document a case for harrasment and go tell Sai he lost. Sai strolls to rgem playing woodwind and rodents following them. Kulkarni stunned to see that. Rodents get inside Kulkarni Vada.

Kulkarni flies off the handle, rodents going close to bad grains, Kulkarni stops them and says don’t go there. Sai says I’m leaving them outside, give them a few grains they are ravenous so they will eat and go. Kulkarni says I don’t have anything for you go. Chandulkar says grains are spoiled allowed them to eat.

Kulkarni says simply get lost, I realize you carried them here with you dark enchantment remove them or, more than likely I will kill them. Sai says they are creatures they will arrive at grains no matter what. Kulkarni says I will not permit. Rodents begins moving toward grains, Kulkarni moves frightened and leaps off.

Rodents begin eating grain. Kulkarni attempts to stop them. Gradually cash emerges. Chandulkar and that’s what attorney see. Rodents return to Sai. Chandulkar expresses gratitude toward Sai. Sai leaves playing woodwind and rodents follow him. Chandulkar says you are in extraordinary trouble now Kulkarni, you currently will be captured.

Kulkarni says its Sai’s dark wizardry. Legal advisor says we have seen what occurred as its you behind this gives up to police headquarters. Kulkarni tells Chandulkar, you did this on the grounds that Sai said. Chandulkar says I did it for my companion and in light of the fact that Sai says we ought to allow a single opportunity, I’m giving you one and you know what to do.

Sai takes rodents to timberland and says here you will have adequate food and residents will confront no misfortune go in woods. Dhaniram races to Sai and says I was searching for you wherever kindly assistance me. Sai says you ought to be content youf petitions to God are heard you have more than adequate gold.

Dhaniram says I’m parched and everything is going to gold how might I get by. Sai says we had a go at letting you know that yet you never got it and no concerns Kartik and Savitri will take care of you, you needed gold and you have it yet you have lost your loved ones.
Sai leaves, Dhaniram attempts to stop him however Sai leaves. Dhaniram sees water and food infront of him, he getz blissful and has it joyfully.

Bapu Saheb tells Neera I needn’t bother with this stone any longer, let me keep it outside. Kartik strolls in with Savitri and says Aai caused food to have it. Bapu Saheb says Kartik you are so great. Kulkarni strolls in, Bapu Saheb inquires as to what are you doing here.

Kulkarni says I found cash, hoodlum had stowed away it in trash thus I shared with Chandulkar Saheb I ought to bring them back. Chandulkar shares with Bapu Saheb, you can document a body of evidence against him, in the event that you need. Bapu Saheb sees Sai. Sai strolls in. Sai shares with Bapu Saheb you have your cash back, and do you believe that sending Kulkarni to jail will fulfill you more.

Bapu Saheb says you are correct however I have caught wind of Keshav a ton and he is a decent man as is Prahlad and this is likewise an example for me to not give indiscriminately, he is free. Chandulkar tells Kulkarni, the Sai you can’t stand saved you. Attorney says we have confestigated your cash, you need to give accounts or probably we will remove everything.

Kulkarni shares with Sai, I realize you did this to affront me and I realize nobody might contact me, you are crossing every one of your cutoff points and a single opportunity and I will complete you and show your fans your actual face and nobody will save you then, at that point. Sai grins.

Bapu Saheb says thanks to Sai for directing him and says he is extremely blissful and needs to utilize this cash, Shirdi had given me parcel of affection and I maintain that should work on something for them. Sai says help needn’t bother with to be cash generally, you might counsel at any point individuals share your experience. Bapu Saheb says I comprehend your point and I likewise need to involve this cash for individuals and their advantage. Sai says you can give a cash as credit to Kartik that will fulfill me.

Pre cap: Bapu Saheb asks Savitri for what good reason is Kartik disturbed, his shop is opening today. Savitri says he misses his dad. Sai shows Bapu Saheb, Dhaniram’s home and says Kartik purchased Dhaniram a kurta yet he didn’t acknowledge it, so you go get it from him.

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