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Episode begins with Vicky contending with Rajjo shielding his companions. Arjun and Chirag hear this. He becomes stressed over Rajjo when the call gets separated. Chirag says that he will proceed to look at as Arjun can’t follow being applied haldi. He says that he doesn’t have the foggiest idea where she resides.

Arjun says that neither Chirag nor he is going as he won’t go behind Rajjo from now on. He says that he doesn’t have the foggiest idea where she cherishes and doesn’t have any desire to be familiar with it. Chirag says that he is stressed over Rajjo and he can play out his wedding customs with a serene brain assuming he is sure that Rajjo is fine.

Arjun says that he is not generally stressed over Rajjo as her mother is there to deal with her and presently Vicky is likewise there in her life. Rajjo’s mehendi capability is going on. Manorama expresses that there is a puja in the sanctuary. Vicky says that a few exceptional visitors will come for the sangeet service, so he and Rajjo ought to be there.

Manorama says that she needs to play out the puja, not them. Vicky becomes glad to hear this. In the mean time, Urvashi spots Rough and Kalindi romancing and stands stunned. Kalindi sees Urvashi. The last option goes to illuminate Chirag about Kalindi’s undertaking with Rough, however Kalindi stops her in the halfway.

There, Vicky’s companions tell Vicky to utilize Manorama’s nonattendance and traffic Rajjo. Vicky says that he needs to wed Rajjo and traffic Rajjo and Manorama to get cash from Sir ji (Pushkar). He adds that wedding Rajjo will help him, since it will give him freedoms to take Rajjo where he needs and offer her to whomever he needs.

Kalindi attempts to clarify for Urvashi. The last option attacks Urvashi for undermining Chirag not entirely settled to come clean to Arjun and Madhu. Kalindi stops Urvashi and tells her that Rajjo’s, prospective spouse, Vicky, is a criminal who deals ladies. She says that she hasn’t let Arjun know this yet, so he is still there at his pre-wedding.

Urvashi asks Kalindi not to tell this to Arjun. Kalindi asks Urvashi not to tell her and Rough’s reality then, at that point. Urvashi consents to Kalindi’s arrangement. Arjun reviews the contention he heard among Vicky and Rajjo and contemplates whether Rajjo is in any peril. Sia delivers Arjun once again from his viewpoints.

In Arjun and Urvashi’s Sangeet service. Urvashi is strained. Urvashi’s mother lets Urvashi know that she can deal with Arjun after the wedding and requests that she counterfeit a grin at any rate. Urvashi obliges. Manorama gives a dance execution to the tune Chalka Re. Arjun and the family join her. Arjun joyfully embraces her.

In the interim, Manorama prepares to go to the sanctuary. She requests that Rajjo partake in her sanget function well and leaves with Vicky’s grandfaher. Vicky watches this, sitting with his companions in the vehicle. He imagines that one night is passed on to traffic Rajjo.

Precap: Rajjo says thanks to Arjun for saving her. Arjun says that they are both getting hitched to their individual accomplices around the same time. They head out in different directions. Arjun is going to put the marital chain around Urvashi’s neck. Rajjo shows up there and stops the wedding, professing to be Arjun’s significant other.

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