Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 1st October 2022:

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Episode begins with Ranbir attempting to converse with Prachi. Prachi says you are a terrible artist and furthermore an awful understudy. He inquires as to whether I will open dance foundation here. Prachi says on the off chance that you don’t believe I should be cheerful. Ranbir says not along these lines.

Prachi inquires as to whether he is blissful, miserable or befuddled? She says she is attempting to be content throughout everyday life and requests that he act to be content. Ranbir inquires as to whether she is truly blissful. Prachi says you are confounding me now. Ranbir requests that she go. Prachi says you are doing great in these garments. Ranbir says you are awful searching in this. Prachi says it doesn’t make any difference.

Ranbir asks when I kissed you, doesn’t it influence you. Prachi turns and says it had an effect and tells that she got saved. She assumes she wants to hear, what her heart heard. She comes to Rhea’s room. Shahana comes behind her. Prachi requests that she search confirmations against Rhea. They start looking. All of a sudden Rhea comes there. Prachi and Shahana begin playing with cushions.

Rhea comes there and inquires as to for what reason are they playing in her room. Shahana says you won’t utter a word. Prachi says you will comprehend and says they have immaturity inside them. She inquires as to whether Mihika isn’t coming. Rhea says she will come, yet late. She requests that she give her telephone which is on table. Prachi inquires as to whether this is your telephone.

Rhea says OK, when it is my room, it is my telephone. Prachi wonders whether or not to give her telephone. Rhea takes her telephone back. Shahana says Dida is calling me and goes out. Prachi goes behind her. Rhea gets dubious on Prachi. Shahana tells that they will proceed to come clean to everybody. Prachi says we can’t face large challenge, and says lets see what to do. Pallavi says ring service mahurat came, and requests that Prachi come.

She reminds her demands that commitment will occur on commitment day and not show will occur. Prachi goes behind her. Pandit ji requests that Aaliya call Prachi. Aaliya says I will take a quick trip and see her. Dida says don’t have the foggiest idea what pallavi’s mom had it to give her introduction to the world, and says on the off chance that she had known, would have eaten exactly the same thing.

Vikram inquires as to for what reason would you say you are letting me know this? Ranbir remembers to thump Sid and figures he can’t do this. He thinks what is he thinking? Aryan requests that Ranbir come and says commitment is going on there. Ranbir says I’m not going there. Aryan says you are correct, when they make each other wear the ring, in the event that you stay here, you can conceal your tears.

He says they are great couple. Ranbir inquires as to whether no one will see me. Aryan says in the event that you tumble down while crying, individuals could see you. Ranbir says OK. Aryan requests that he come. They go close to the stage. Prachi comes there with Pallavi, Aaliya and Shahana.

Ranbir thinks what is this Prachi, assuming you have inner self, outrage or presumption that you are allowing it to work out. He figures how about you shut down this. Prachi says you will stop it, will tell that this marriage can’t occur and his Prachi can’t happen to any other individual. Ranbir figures he can’t do this.

Prachi thinks we are hitched, let everybody know that your Prachi is yours. Pallavi requests that Prachi sit. Prachi sits on the couch. Pallavi requests that Sid sit. Sid sits alongside her. Shahana tells Aryan that Ranbir loves Prachi and is hitched to her, however gazing at her as though he is seeing an outsider. Aryan says he made her more odd, how he will make her his.

Pandit ji discusses the mantras while Pallavi does Sid and Prachi’s aarti. Music plays… Pallavi requests that Vikram give the ring. Vikram gives the ring. Pallavi shows ring box to Sid. Sid reluctantly takes a ring in his grasp. Pallavi then shows the crate to Prachi. Prachi takes the ring in her grasp. Ranbir gets mournful eyes.

Prachi thinks about Sid’s words that Mihika is at serious risk, and Rhea and Aaliya had grabbed her. Prachi reviews Rhea’s words that very soon she will be out from Ranbir and her life. Pandit ji requests that Sid make her wear the ring. Sid and Prachi get up from couch. Pandit ji says favorable mahurat is finishing. Prachi advances her hand to wear the ring. Sid drops the ring on the floor and it turn over and stop close to Ranbir.

Ranbir picks the ring and goes to Prachi and Sid. Melody plays… .Ranbir requests that Sid take the ring and make Prachi wear it. Prachi says stop it Ranbir, this will not occur, we both love one another and are made for one another. She says stop this commitment and marriage. Rhea asks them to simply pick up the pace. Prachi holds Ranbir’s hand. Rhea asks what on God’s green earth you are doing?

Prachi slaps her and says this is occurring a result of her connivance and underhanded move. She expresses due to Rhea, Sid needed to lie that Ranbir’s child is of him. Ranbir checks Rhea out. Pallavi asks what are you talking about? Prachi says I’m saying reality and requests that Rhea say, else she will say. Rhea says it is Prachi’s theatrics, everybody saw DNA report and sid had admitted that Prachi’s child is his. Prachi says he had lied and the explanation is you.

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