Channa Mereya Written Update 1st October 2022:

Channa Mereya Written Update 1st October 2022 on

Episode begins with Gulraj asks Ginni for what good reason she illuminating the chula. Ginni takes the wood in her grasp then, at that point, comes outside followed by Gulraj. Ginni goes to Simran and Goldie and begins breaking the name board stunning them. She then, at that point, places the messed up pieces in the chula which irritates Simran.

Simran stops Ginni without the name board help how else they might run the dhaba? She then, at that point, finds out if she learn about the journal of Kushwant no right which is the main piece of Kushwant which could be their main assistance yet they didn’t get it then the way in which they will run this dhaba? She further adds that atleast she attempted to bring in some cash by opening the Chinese eatery which she can’t ready to endure that is the reason she destroyed her arrangements then, at that point, leaves the spot.

Ginni gets stunned. She then, at that point, reviews her discussion with her dad as a youngster about the journal. Goldie abandons the spot Simran. Aditya begins enhancing a space for Ginni’s shock. He additionally begins painting. Opposite side Ginni strolls out and about reviewing her minutes with her dad additionally Simran’s allegation. She comes infront of the Gurudwara.

She goes inside the sanctuary and bows infront of God. She goes to God to assist her track down a journal or her dad’s business with cooperating since, supposing that she neglects to do it then their choice to continue to run the dhaba will be destroyed and cries hard. She neglects to see Aditya who calls her over and over.

In Singh’s manor Aditya sits tight for Ginni. He becomes apprehensive that Ginni isn’t gotten back yet. He remembers to investigate her however tells himself that he is over responding so he really wants to pause. He pivots and finds Ginni going into the house. He stays situated in his place. Ginni approaches Aditya. Aditya asks her first for what good reason she is late.

He then tells her that she ought to have informed him about her late appearance atleast he shouldn’t have hung tight for her right? He additionally says that she have no source to reach him have opportunity and willpower to addressed the calls of him. Ginni illuminates Aditya that her telephone was turned off.

Aditya tells dont she have her telephone charger then, at that point, requests that she not to express anything as he most likely is aware well about her response. Ginni stays quiet. She then chooses to leave there. Aditya stops and asks her where is she going. Ginni lets him know she will have water since she is parched. Aditya takes her with him saying he needs to show her something more significant.

Ginni gets confounded so questions him where he is taking her to. Aditya carries her to the enlivened put and switches on the light. Ginni gets amazed seeing the designs additionally the artworks done by Aditya and strolls towards it. Aditya stays in his place and watches Ginni. Ginni pivots and grins at Aditya.

Aditya goes towards her and intertwines her hand with his then the two of them influence gradually for the music that is being played with an immense grin on their place. Aditya understands it’s his creative mind as it were. He then sees Ginni is cleaning her tears and gets befuddled. However, he goes to her and tells her he is certain his unexpected isn’t that terrible that made her cry.

He then, at that point, gives her water to drink yet it drops to the ground and glass broke. Aditya chooses to take the messed up glasses however gets injured. Ginni grasps his hand and draws off the blood. Aditya respects her. Ginni covers Aditya’s injured finger with her dupatta which she tear it. However, she additionally says in the event that they aren’t cautious then they will wind up getting injured with the littlest things.

Aditya lets Ginni know that he is utilized to accompany the injury and its aggravation. He then tells their heart and cerebrum have a novel association. He tells heart doesn’t let them know anything and cerebrum prevent them from expressing something to them. He then, at that point, converses with Ginni about his boxing experience and what all he went through that time. He likewise says that Gurkeerat is the main who comprehends him well yet she left.

Ginni proceeds to sit close to him and lets him know that she comprehends what he should get going through. She likewise tells that they ought to cherish the memory of their friends and family and safeguard it any expense additionally satisfy their fantasies by assuming its liability. She then, at that point, begins crying infront of Aditya.

Aditya asks her the explanation. Ginni lets him know when she went to the dhaba today Goldie and Simran wanted to eliminate her dad’s dhaba and open a Chinese café in its place what broke her. She likewise tells about her dad’s journal which she is looking for quite a long time and cries embracing Aditya.

Aditya gets stunned first yet appeases her. He then tells her that she isn’t a disappointment or a terrible individual likewise begin getting injured by Sam’s words by engaging it in her brain. He then, at that point, recommends that they ought to eat and tells her he made food in her dhaba style and goes to bring her food.

He causes her to sit close by. He then takes a spoon loaded with food and advances it to her maxim Gurkeerat used to tell they shouldn’t nod off with a vacant stomach particularly when they are facing a conflict and feeds her. Ginni additionally takes care of Aditya. The two of them takes care of one another food and grins at each other.

Precap: Aditya goes to Ginni’s dhaba and tells Gulraj to not to inform her concerning him helping them. Gulraj obliges and misleads Ginni over the call that she employed a cook. Ginni requests to converse with the cook. Aditya cuts the call. Ginni visits the dhaba furiously and blends stew powder in Aditya’s food to show a thing or two. Aditya sits to have food. Ginni goes to stand up to the cook however gets stunned seeing Aditya in the cooks place.

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