RadhaKrishn 14th January 2023 Written Episode Update:

Radha advises Krishna that its the ideal opportunity for her to leave prithvi look as she needs to leave before him. Krishna says as his companion wishes. Mahadev feels profound seeing Radha Krishna’s personal second and looks for Brahmadev’s assistance to make Radha’s excursion simple.

Radha advises Krishna that she needs to sit under a tree with him and make the minutes unique. Maahdev says Radha is extraordinary that she is show a thing or two of adoration even prior to leaving. Radha Krishna stroll towards a tree holding each’s hands.

Jara hangs tight for Saambh. Balram orders troopers to ensure Jara and Saambh don’t battle and residents don’t polish off liquor. Jara and Saambh irately stroll towards one another. They notice Balram remaining before them and apologize each other for blaming one another and feed sweet to one another.

Officer illuminates that Revati is calling him. Balram requests that officers watch out for them and leaves. Jara advises Saambh that he needs to gift him something and offers him liquor. Saambh says he can’t polish off liquor and defy Balram, so Jara can appreciate it with his companions. Jara sincerely extorts him and causes him to acknowledge his gift. The two of them polish off liquor and think each other as a moron.

Radha lays on Krishna’s shoulder and looks for authorization from him to let her arrive at Golok first and hang tight for him there remembering their old recollections. Krisna inquires as to whether its feasible to remember old recollections again there. Warriors notice Saambh and Jara drinking liquor and consider illuminating Balram.

Jara asks Saambh where did he conceal Jara’s bolt. Sambh lashes out and begins battling with Jara and his group. Krishna advises that that he needs to remember all their old recollections one final time and shows them with a fasten of his fingers. The two of them partake in quality minutes together.

Precap: Radha leaves prithvi lok/earth and lets Krishna know that she will meet him in Golok. Krishna figures how will he manage his bansuri without Radha and penances his bansuri/woodwind.

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