Kundali Bhagya 16th December 2022 Written Update:

Kundali Bhagya 16th December 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode starts with Anjali hangs tight for Arjun. Priyanka requests that Anjali not stress. Arjun comes there. Anjali inquires as to whether he accomplished something again without illuminating her. He tells her that he will converse with her tomorrow and goes to her his room. Then again, Srishti goes into Preeta’s room.

She sees that Preeta got terrified hearing entryway opening sound. She requests that Preeta share everything with her. Preeta concurs that she is terrified. She inquires as to whether Arjun won against them. She says that she isn’t stressed over cash however she is stressed over the security of their relatives. She says that she saw positive about Arjun’s eyes that is the reason she is terrified.

Arjun reviews that how he requested that Preeta wed him and how she said that she love Rishabh the most. He sees Preeta’s photograph. He feels that he can’t allow her to fail to remember him and their marriage will be unique. He lets himself know that she needs to remain with him and Rishabh can do nothing. He works on boxing. That’s what anjali sees. He reviews that how Rishabh said that nobody can in the middle among him and Preeta.

In the Luthra house, Sameer asks Rishabh that what occurred. Rishabh says that he is irate. He works on boxing. He reviews that how Arjun tested him.

Rakhi asks Mahesh that what is on his mind. Mahesh says that he is frightened of Rishabh and Arjun’s battle. He adds that they are same. Kareena asks him that how might he analyze Arjun and Rishabh. Mahesh advises them that how Rishabh became developed to deal with their business.

He says that Rishabh has another face which is forceful and Rishabh becomes obstinate. He adds that he sees same character in Arjun as well. Kareena says that Arjun isn’t full grown like Rishabh. Mahesh says that Arjun’s eyes says they are villian for Arjun. Rishabh comes there and says that he is villian for Arjun. He says that Arjun beginned this battle and he won’t ease off.

He requests that they trust him since he will battle till end and leaves from that point. Kareena says that he is cheerful seeing Rishabh’s triumphant demeanor. Mahesh says that he is frightened in light of the fact that Rishabh isn’t fine. He adds that he is concerned all that will be destroyed toward the finish of the battle.

Srishti tells Preeta that Arjun ended up being distraught for Preeta. She says that Arjun is doing this for Preeta. Preeta reviews that how she recognized junoon easily and she tells about it to Srishti. She says that they need to areas of strength for remain face Arjun. Srishti tells her that she is with her and leaves the room.

Arjun video considers Preeta and tells her that it’s his confidential number. She detaches the call and calls him saying that she isn’t terrified of him. He reminds her about their marriage. Following day, Preeta drops Kavya in the school. Arjun sees them.

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