Radha Mohan 14th January 2023 Written Episode Update:

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Radha makes sense of she will uncover the whole truth, the whole Trivedi family is stunned. Radha makes sense of Damini would be stunned seeing her here, as she would have naturally suspected those crooks would have ended her life, finishing the story however there was nobody to help her, she uncovers it was never the situation as she isn’t the only one, Kadambari is additionally stressed, Radha specifies there is another person remaining close by, Tulsi supposes in the event that Radha comes clean about her.

Radha illuminates somebody who really focuses on this family as much as her, before whom the lawbreakers amount to nothing, Kadambari stops Radha referencing she knows the two of them have chatted with one another however she shouldn’t enlighten anybody concerning her if not all things end.

Damini murmurs to Kaveri inquiring as to whether Tulsi additionally came clean with Radha which kicked the bucket with her, Kaveri answers to it can’t occur on the grounds that Tulsi can neither talk nor uncover herself, Damini answers she feels something is off-base in view of which Radha is so certain and she even broke the security safeguard. Ketki gets some information about, who was adjacent to her.

Tulsi demands Radha to not enlighten anybody regarding her since they would then think of her as a psychological individual, while declining to accept whatever she says, Radha goes to Kadambari who likewise flags her to not uncover reality. Radha strolls toward the front, uncovering she had her Bihari jee, Kaveri and Damini are feeling better. Rameshwar prostate before him.

Radha uncovers he shielded her from the hoodlums sent by Damini and, surprisingly, took her back to this house since he likewise doesn’t believe that this marriage should occur, Radha demands Mohan to step off the Mandap and not proceed this marriage, Ajeet and Ketki additionally feel something similar.

Mohan requests that Radha leave, illuminating this marriage isn’t going tok stop now, however Radha answers to it would stop and she will give it her best shot to stop it. Radha attempts to push forward however Dadi stops her doubting who is she to stop this marriage, she asks what connection does Radha have with anybody from this family, she questions does she not see that the connection which she made with this family, was rarely finished, and they powerfully tossed her out only some time back.

Dadi specifies Radha has done a great deal for this family btu they have recently embarrassed her, she ought to relinquish this franticness as they couldn’t care less on the off chance that she remains here and won’t experience regardless of whether she bites the dust. Mohan asks what Dadi is talking about, Radha answers yet she wants to think about it, she notice all that happens to Mohan influences her, with the grin or agony of Mohan she feels impacted by it, Radha going to Dadi makes sense of she is the Radha of Mohan jee, she can never see him in torment regardless of whether it implies being embarrassed by the whole world.

Mohan figures Radha shouldn’t express such huge things for him, he demands her to leave since he can’t bear her being embarrassed any longer. Rameshwar likewise demands Radha to stop, he even holds his hand before her, Radha answers she realizes he can never see her in aggravation yet he ought to accept her that this aggravation makes a big difference to her, somewhat more noteworthy then whatever else on the planet.

He shouldn’t request that she leave since it is an ideal opportunity to look for the right, Ketki supports Radha for having such cheerful mood making sense of what the disgrace is in requesting her right, Kadambari chides her.

Damini questions what right she is referring to, she has no directly over this house or anybody from this family. Radha strolls onto the Mandap; Damini compromises her to avoid Mohan. Radha makes sense of reality stows away on the off chance that they get some distance from it yet doesn’t end, she makes sense of he has not even taken a gander at her since she came here yet this doesn’t imply that she is absent here, she uncovers she is here and will remain in this equivalent house, it is time that he ought to check her and, surprisingly, reality out. Radha powers Mohan to turn, he is stunned seeing her wearing the garments which had a place with Tulsi.

Mohan is stunned seeing her wearing the marriage dress, he recalls Tulsi on the day the two of them got hitched. Mohan can’t quit considering the day, as Radha is remaining before him. Tulsi shouts she realized he would recollect it.

Mohan inquires as to whether this dress has a place with Tulsi, the whole family is dazed. Kadambari is likewise stunned understanding reality, Mohan inquires as to whether she wore the dress of Tulsi, Radha can’t utter a word, Mohan makes sense of he covered it in the nursery however she wore it taking it out from that point, everybody is frightened seeing his displeasure. Mohan tosses the Varmala on the ground, he asks the justification behind what reason Radha wore the dress of Tulsi, she can’t utter a word.

Mohan inquires as to whether she suspected he would fall head over heels on the off chance that she came wearing the garments of Tulsi, and he will wed her on the off chance that she behaves like Tulsi, he uncovers Tulsi left him and made his girl into his adversary. Damini grins feeling that her arrangement will satisfy.

Mohan makes reference to Tulsi never cherished him, Tulsi is pondering every one of the wonderful minutes she enjoy with Mohan, he makes sense of Tulsi never focused on him however was a self centered individual. Mohan faults Radha for additionally being a go getter, very much like Tulsi as she additionally misled him. Mohan faults her for simply going about as though she really focuses on him, however it isn’t reality, Mohan says there is no contrast among her and Tulsi, everybody is stunned.

Damini inquires as to whether he can see that she is a similar young lady whom he believed was straightforward, yet she is likewise a cheat, since she initially wore her wedding dress and presently the one which had a place with Tulsi. Once more damini shouts he ought to allow it to go since she has a propensity for making show yet they can’t relinquish the last second to get hitched, she attempts to remove Mohan yet Radha drives Damini away,

Mohan is likewise staggered not having the option to accept anything, Damini inquires as to whether Mohan can see, asking for what reason are they paying attention to her since she has flown off the handle and she asks how might they defer their wedding due to Radha, and pay attention to her falsehoods. Radha requests that Damini stop yet Mohan rather shouts it is sufficient, he says there is a breaking point to everything, he says he attempted to cause her to comprehend she doesn’t cherish him however it is simply fixation, she rather is remaining before him dressed as Tulsi.

Radha answers he is the person who can’t comprehend, she isn’t so youthful to comprehend the distinction among adoration and fixation and her battle isn’t for affection however this family, she would therefor do with what she returned, Mohan says it is off-base, Radha says she couldn’t care less yet would do it, Mohan is stunned seeing Radha who is determined.

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