Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 16th December 2022 Written Update:

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 16th December 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Damini hits Radha on the head and Radha loses her awareness. Tulsi’s soul believes that she can’t hurt Damini. In the mean time, Mohan asks Gungun that where is Radha. Gungun lets him know that she won’t converse with him. He advises her that he need to converse with Radha. She gets blissful hearing him. They look through Radha.

Damini ponders that where to conceal Radha. She gets stunned hearing Mohan’s voice. She conceals Radha behind the bed. Tulsi’s soul opens the entryway. Then again, Vishwanath apologizes to Kadambari for blaming her. He says that he was intoxicated that is the reason he said all that. He tells her that Damini isn’t the right young lady for Mohan certainly. He adds that Mohan ought to wed Radha.

Mohan inquires as to whether she saw Radha. Damini deceives him that Radha didn’t came there. Tulsi’s soul tells Mohan that Radha is in the room as it were. Mohan asks Damini that for what reason she looks anxious. Damini lets him know that she is lady so it’s generally expected. She sees that Tulsi’s soul is moving Radha so she remains close to the bed so Tulsi’s soul could do nothing.

She requests that he prepare and says she want to prepare. Tulsi’s soul makes glass tumbled down. Mohan goes close to bed and cleans the floor. Tulsi’s soul requests that Mohan see Radha. Damini misleads Mohan that her shirt snare got opened and requests that he leave the room. Mohan leaves the room.

Kaveri comes there. Damini shows Radha to Kaveri. Kaveri expects that Damini killed Radha. She advises a method for disposing of Radha’s dead body. Damini tells her that Radha is oblivious as it were. Kaveri chastens her for not killing Radha. Damini says that they ought to conceal Radha in the bag. Kaveri tells her that she will bring the bag. Tulsi’s soul assaults Kaveri and Damini saves Kaveri. Kaveri runs from the room. Gungun ponders that where is Radha.

Mohan tells Shekhar that Radha is missing. Shekhar lets him know that Radha would have left some place since she love Mohan and she can’t see Mohan’s marriage. Kadambari requests that Shekhar stop it and admonishes him for talking like this on marriage day. She tells Mohan that Minister is calling him. They goes ground floor.

Mohan gets stunned seeing Vishwanath there. Kadambari lets him know that Vishwanath apologized to her. Gungun tells Mohan that Radha is missing. Kadambari reviews that how she requested that Radha avoid the marriage. She accepts that Radha chose to do nothing to stop the marriage. She tells Mohan that Radha isn’t in the house since she told Radha to not go to the marriage. She says that Vishwanath blamed her because of Radha that is the reason she took this choice.

Gungun lets Mohan know that they ought to bring Radha home. Mohan lets Gungun know that nothing is significant for him than Kadambari and goes to the marriage mandap. Minister begins reciting mantras. He requests that they bring the lady. Gungun feels that Radha is her mom so nobody matters for her than Radha. She chooses to track down Radha to stop the marriage and heads inside. She finds glass piece outside Damini’s room. She sees Radha’s duppta inside the room. She chooses to take Mohan’s assistance to save Radha. Damini sees Gungun.

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