RadhaKrishn 13th May 2022 Written Update:

RadhaKrishn 13th May 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Padmavathi requests that Srinivas shut his eyes as she believes him should manual for the sanctuary. He shuts his eyes, and she holding his hand takes him to the sanctuary and requests that he open the eyes now. He opens eyes and seeing an extraordinary beautification asks what is unique today. She says she believes him should wear her skilled adornments as guaranteed while showing her dance. He wears gems. She figures she will demonstrate Bhargavi that Srinivas has a place with her and not Bhargavi.

Bhargavi returns Vasu’s gift and says she doesn’t believe he should misjudge that something can occur between them. Vasu says he regards her sentiments. She pardons herself. He then strolls to Bhrigu and ruler and untruths that he called Bhargavi to the royal residence as Bhrigu doesn’t release her out of house. Ruler chides him for burning through their valuable time. Vasu exhaust seeing his affront and decides to wed Bhargavi at any expense.

Bhargavi looks for Natraj sanctuary and becomes mixed up in the immense royal residence. She sees Govindraj and looks for his assistance to track down Natraj sanctuary. Govindraj says Srinivas should instruct dance to Bhargavi there right now. Bhargavi demands him to take her there. He thinks she is anxious to meet Srinivas. They arrive at Natraj sanctuary. Bhargavi gets miserable seeing Padmavati apply gulal/red tone on Srinivas’ cheeks and says it helps her to remember their most memorable gathering. She further gifts him lotus attar/aroma and requests that he apply it at whatever point he shows her dance. Srinivas attempts to leave. She demands him to show her dance at the present time. He concurs and hits the dance floor with her.

Bhargavi gets more miserable seeing that. Srinivas quits seeing her. Padmavathi sees her next and asks when did she come. Bhargavi says she shouldn’t have come as of now. Padmavathi advises her that she called her here and communicates her affection for Srinivas leaving Bhargavi in tears. Their conversation proceeds. Padmavathi says she realizes Bhargavi looks kumar Vasu. Bhargavi checks Srinivas out.

Precap: Sriniva illuminates Padmavathi that he guaranteed Bhargavi to make her reality’s best artist. Padmavathi says she will have a go head to head with Bhargavi and asks what will he give her assuming that she wins. He expresses what she might be thinking.

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