Tera Mera Saath Rahe 13th May 2022 Written Update:

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The episode begins with Saksham peruses saying that whatever inside the container has a place with one of them and requests that they handle it all alone. Chirag specifies the letter expresses them four. A young lady emerges from the container and grins them. They all looks stunned then grins at her. The young lady quits grinning at them and they all stops and takes a gander at her confusedly. She rehashes something similar. Saksham asks is this April first. Munna says it gone quite a while ago and why he is asking now.

Chirag says this is on the grounds that somebody could make such joke on April first. Saksham asks the young lady anything that written in the letter is a joke right young lady signs no. Munna inquires as to why she isn’t talking. He asks her the name. The young lady signs at the letter. Chirag gets it and opens it saying that she goes by Kesari and asks her who named her like this. Saksham chastens Chirag and reminds him what is written in that letter is that one of them is Kesari’s dad which stuns each of them four. They all starts saying Kesari isn’t have a place with them. Saksham requests that they review what they have completed eight years back. They all starts contemplating their past. They all says they have not done anything such. Chirag says that eight years back Munna will be Munna bhai so he probably took part in an extramarital entanglements with somebody however Munna denies it saying he have just a single child.

Munna tells that the young lady face appears to be like Chirag so it should be Chirag yet Chirag declines. Munna then charges Keshav who says that he has just three children. Then, at that point, they all says it should be Saksham’s child however Saksham denies it. They all contends with each other. Kesari gets disappointed so chooses to leave. The men acknowledges Kesari is going out so they stops her and takes her back to the room. Saksham lets the men know that they need to illuminate the other relatives about Kesari. They all concurs. They argues Kesari to not to leave until they return and leaves the room. Kesari checks the time which she is wearing it in her grasp.

Ramila gets disappointed while she is dealing with the kitchen to cook for everybody. She says that her destiny isn’t great that is the explanation when in other family a little girl in regulation shows up they will accomplish practically everything except even after she got a girl in regulation she is the person who working a ton. She then, at that point, sees Tejal and requests that she come to the kitchen who goes there. She asks Tejal for what valid reason she isn’t helping her in the family works. She is the person who doing every one of the works.

Tejal recommends to arrange food assuming she has issue in cooking for everybody except it her who needs to pay. Ramila chastens her and requests that she help her take the atta pot. Tejal helps her. Ramila purposely empty more water into it and asks Tejal to again assist her with getting the flour box. Tejal helps her. She then sees that Ramila is purposely pouring the water so inorder to show her something new she acts and make the flour fall on Ramila. She attempts to conceal her grin subsequent to saying ‘sorry’ yet Ramila sees it so she put the noodles on Tejal’s dress and riches it expressing even unintentionally it worked out. The two of them takes a gander at one another. Hiten enters the kitchen. He gets stunned seeing the kitchen’s state alongside Ramila and Tejal. He chastens them for squandering the food. He then falls there in the kitchen counter saying why his destiny is this way.

In Modi’s home Rajjo strolls to a great extent. Gopika asks the other relatives what occurred and they everything says they doesn’t have the foggiest idea so Gopika asks Rajjo for what valid reason she looks so furious. Rajjo goes inside in the interim the men in the family comes to the front room and sees the ladies in the family is there. They chooses to tell Kesari to them yet gets halted when Rajjo acquires a shirt and a broomstick her hand. She tells she wont spare him today for doing this to her. Everybody gets befuddled. Gopika asks her what is she talking about. Rajjo says let her sibling Munna get back home then she will tell them.

Chirag Keshav and Saksham requests that Munna proceed to converse with Rajjo. Munna goes seeing him Rajjo gets enraged and begins beating him with broomstick. Munna runs to a great extent and asks Rajjo to determine what occurred for what valid reason she is beating him. Rajjo tells that she wont spare him. Everybody looks confounded. Gopika stops Rajjo and asks the explanation. Rajjo blames Munna for engaging in extramarital relations despite her good faith. Gopika gives her a stick and requests that Rajjo beat Munna with it for engaging in extramarital relations with another ladies.

Saksham envisions that Gopika is beating him with a stick asking who is Kesari’s dad. Rajjo beats Munna with the stick. Ashi recommends Rajjo to rebuff Munna with the chapati creator. Chirag envisions Ashi beating him with it when requests him about Kesari’s dad’s name. Both Mithila and Minal recommends Rajjo to slap Munna and Keshav envisions the two of them slapping him. Munna stops Rajjo and asks her what occurred for what reason she is acting this way towards him. Rajjo shows the shirt in which lipstick mark in it. Munna reminds her their heartfelt minutes a day or two ago. Rajjo shies however apologizes to him for thinking him like this. Saksham drops the letter from his hand which Gopika takes it and chooses to peruse however Saksham stops her.

Ashi lets Gopika know that it should be the way to keep the mangoes appropriately. They all concurs which confounds the ladies in the family for every one of the men consenting to exactly the same thing. The men goes inside the store room. They chooses not to enlighten anybody regarding Kesari until they find who is Kesari’s dad. Gopika chooses to make mango juice for everybody. The men hears somebody is moving toward the store room so they chooses to conceal Kesari yet Kesari will not oblige which drives them to argue her yet she stays difficult. Gopika goes into the Store room and looks on befuddled.

Precap: Chirag Munna and Keshav attempts to get Kesari however the last option fools them and leaves the room. Saksham brings Kesari back and admonishes the individuals for not accomplishing the one work which he given to them. Ashi comes there and gets some information about. They all looks on stunned.

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