Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 13th May 2022 Written Update:

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Episode begins with Ahilya getting the nourishment for Khanderao. He fixes his dhol. He says you generally get going in conversations. She keeps the food plate. He says you for the most part have conversations against me, did you take drugs. She gestures. He says in the event that you go to the rasam tomorrow, how might you come to the darbar.

She says Tukoji will battle from my side, I made sense of him. He asks might this at any point occur, peculiar, you have left the darbar work for the family work, you failed to really see when I told you, it perhaps in light of the fact that your mum told you. She requests that he play the music. He says tune isn’t setting, so I can’t play it. She cries and leaves.

Its morning, Renuka asks in her home. Tukoji and Gangoba come. Tukoji says I need to make sense of something, Ahilya won’t come in the darbar today. She asks what. Harku and Rakma come to meet Ahilya. Ahilya grins. Harku praises her.

Ahilya asks did Tukoji and Renuka come to the darbar, did any message come. Rakma asks don’t you trust him. Ahilya says dislike that. Rakma says then center around rasam. Harku asks what do you mean to say.

Rakma says Ahilya is Khanderao’s significant other, she will become mum of the beneficiary, Shiv ji is prepared to favor her, attention on this second. Ahilya says I m additionally energized for this rasam, my reality is finishing with this child, same way I need to finish somebody’s reality. Gangoba says Ahilys is occupied with individual work. Renuka says I will not go to darbar without her. Ahilya’s mum requests that Ahilya devote herself to family.

Ahilya gestures. Rakma looks on and says its a lot of your significance, you will simply be a spouse and bahu in this royal residence like me. Tukoji says simply relax, Ahilya let me know how to battle there. Renuka says no, I can’t confront Kailash there without her.

Gangoba says everybody has shown up there. She says I know nothing, not you both and not the individual who came here yesterday. Tukoji asks who. She says on the off chance that Ahilya doesn’t come, then, at that point, I will acknowledge that I won’t get any equity and joy, Ahilya had saved my life, however its fine in the event that she can’t uphold me. She cries.

Ahilya sits for the Oti rasam. The ladies are there. The rasam starts. Her mum asks her to constantly give need to her loved ones. Tukoji comes to meet Ahilya. Rakma stops him. He says its truly demon about somebody’s life. She requests that he consider improving his life, he gets an opportunity to show his ability alone without Ahilya.

She requests that he proceed to satisfy his obligation, show everybody that you are able. He requests that she take her message. She goes. Somebody is seen. Khanderao is in darbar. He says Tukoji will keep Renuka’s matter, Renuka didn’t reach here for reasons unknown, Kailash is here. Gunu ji says Kailash couldn’t come due to his wellbeing, we can demonstrate this by conversing with the Vaid, figure out why Renuka didn’t come here.

Tukoji says Renuka has would not come in Ahilya’s nonattendance, she has little to no faith in anybody. Ahilya is still in the rasam. Gautama requests that Ahilya have the panchamrit each day, it has milk, curd, ghee, sugar and honey. Ahilya grins. Dwarka sits to insult her. Gunu ji inquires as to why, Renuka has truth with her, and truth will make her success,

why is she frightened to come, Renuka realizes that her tears and womanhood won’t help here. Tukoji stresses. Gautama says we will have the food here, is it fine, Ahilya. Ahilya gestures. Bhola comes crying and gets down on Ahilya.

Ahilya says he is Bhola, I know her. She asks him what occurred. Bhola says Renuka was crying a great deal. He tells her beginning and end. Ahilya cries. Gangoba says we are outsiders for Renuka, she simply know Ahilya and believes her, we ought to postpone this matter for another day. Malhar thinks.

Precap :Gangoba says in the event that Renuka doesn’t come in darbar, then she doesn’t have a clue about the issue she will confront. Ahilya’s mum stops her and asks will you pick my regard or the darbar.

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