Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 12th May 2022 Written Update:

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Episode begins with Ahilya conversing with Harku about Gautama’s assumptions. They see Bhola playing with his companions. Bhola makes such sketch on the ground. The kid requests that he make the family sketch. Bhola makes a pot and says this is my mum. The young men snicker. Renuka looks on.

The kid says he doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the importance of family. Bhola says Renuka and I are one family now. Renuka hears this and cries. Ahilya expresses the two of them are deficient, however they can finish one another, Renuka needs a kid, and Bhola needs a mum. Gunu ji looks on. Ahilya says on the off chance that Renuka takes on Bhola, this matter will get addressed. He goes.

Ahilya converses with Tukoji about Kailash. She says he is involving the regulations in support of himself, we will likewise respond to him by utilizing the regulations. He requests that she get out whatever she needs to do this time. Watch comes and says Gautama has called you. She says you stay quiet about this, nobody ought to be familiar with it. Gunu ji thumps the entryway. He sees Bhola.

He asks do you like crude mangoes. Bhola says a great deal. Gunu ji gives the crude mangoes, and asks his name. Renuka checks him out. Gunu ji says I like children a great deal, I came to become a close acquaintence with, I know wizardry, will you see.

Bhola gets a stool for himself and requests that he sit. Ahilya asks what occurred, you called me. Her mum says your three months have finished. Gautama says so I called them for the puja, Guru ji will give the mahurat. Master ji gives the following day mahurat. Ahilya asks is there other mahurat. Her mum asks what’s the issue. Dwarka says perhaps she has something different lined.

Gunu ji asks Bhola does he have any family member. Renuka thinks he is attempting to get some information about his kin. She stresses. Ahilya says Renuka’s case will be talked about in the darbar tomorrow, give some other mahurat. Her mum says no, the rasam will occur in tomorrow’s mahurat as it were. Gunu ji converses with Renuka and goes. Ahilya’s mum carries her to the room and chastens her.

She says anybody can have your spot in darbar, yet nobody can have your spot in the rasam, matter closures here, swear on me. Gunu ji meets Kailash. Ahilya is in kitchen. Watch comes and says Malhar and Gangoba have called you. Ahilya sends the juice drink for Khanderao. He leaves. Ahilya goes to meet Malhar and Gangoba.

Gangoba says you have kept Tukoji in circle in this, since you trust him. Khanderao asks Ahilya’s mum does she have an issue here. She says no. He says I didn’t expect to hurt you. She thinks he is so great, I wish he was simply of Ahilya. She says I will call Ahilya, you got back home tired, you might require anything.

He says compelling reason need, she would be occupied in some work, I will go. Parvati comes and gives him the juice drink. He takes it and goes. Ahilya’s mum looks on. Ahilya says I will clarify everything for Tukoji exhaustively. Watch says your mum is sitting tight for you outside. She gestures.

She goes out to her mum. Her mum asks her for what reason is she in darbar instead of being in the kitchen, what is she doing here. Ahilya says we were talking about on the upcoming matter. Her mum says you ought to have been in the space to invite Khanderao, Parvati didn’t wed him yet took the juice for him. Ahilya says I had made the juice for himself and requested that worker take it for him. Her mum says he doesn’t have any idea who made it,

he has seen who got it for him. Ahilya says this is Rajwada, there is work generally. Her mum says spouse is a husband, he anticipates that his better half should serve him, it doesn’t really matter to me what occurs here, I simply comprehend that your Sautan is coming a result of you, until you are in darbar, you are Choti Rani, you are only a wife outside darbar, from today, you won’t go to the Mukhya Kaksh under any condition.

Precap :Ahilya sits for the rasam. Gangoba says Ahilya is occupied in some private work, she can’t come to the darbar. Renuka says I won’t go there without Ahilya.

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