RadhaKrishn 12th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Jara brings 108 neelkamal/blue lotus to Durga pooja venue. Krishna says now he can start pooja. Jara acknowledges Radha Krishna’s help and requests them to perform pooja. The perform Devi Durga’s pooja. Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that Krishna performed her pooja earlier as Ram and now as Krishna.

Mahadev says Krishna will not leave pooja incomplete and will find a solution. Devi Gauri says she doesn’t want to boon Jara and Sam benefit out of it. Mahadev says he is sure his aradhya/adorable will do something. After finishing pooja, Krishna asks Jara to seek his boon from Devimaa. Jara kneels down and prays Devimaa to emerge and give him boom. Climate changes. Krishna asks if he made any mistake. Jara says no.

Rukmini says there is some mistake for sure. Radha checks flowers and says one is spoilt. Jara says he must have spoilt soft flowers while bringing them. Krishna says he should have checked them before submitting flowers to Devimaa. Jara pleads to help him followed by others. Krishna says he will continue remaining story and reveal what Ram did.

He starts a story where Ram faces similar situation and says he made a mistake. Vibhishan asks what happened. Ram says he shot 108 arrows, but got only 107 arrows. Vibhishan asks what will he do now. Ram says this world knows him also as Kamal Nayan and hence he will submit his eye to Devimaa.

He shoots arrow in air and prays Devimaa to accept his eye as 108th flower. Arrow disappears. Devi Durga emerges and says she is elated with his pooja, he gave an example of love and sacrifice and should seek what he wants. Ram says he wants to kill Ravan and establish truth and dharma. She blesses him. Out of flashback, Krishna tells Jara that just like Ram’s sacrifice, he should also do something.

Radha says Ram was pious, but how will Jara make such a big sacrifice. Krishna says its a question of intention and not sacrifice. Sam thinks Shukracharya is right that nodody is trickier than Krishna. Jara takes arrow towards his eye to enucleate it, but fails and says he cannot compare himself to Sri Ram. Radha asks to accept that his pooja is incomplete.
Krishna picks arrow and says he will sacrifice his eye and complete pooja.

Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that Jara will get a boon with Krishna’s sacrifice, what shall she do now. He asks her to perform her duty as Devi Durga like Krishna does. She says he right, she will perform her duty and let Krishna decide its outcome. Krishna picks arrow to sacrifice his eye. Everyone plead him to not to, and Radha stops him.

Krishna says he cannot break his promise. She says she will not let him sacrifice his eyes. She says he is doing his duty and she shouldn’t stop him, giving his oath. She backs off crying. Krishna shoots arrow in air. Arrow disappears, and Devi Durga emerges as before. She praises Krishna and asks him to seek his boon. Krishna asks to fulfill Jara’s wish. Jara remembers Sam’s words, but asks how can he get a boon when Krishna did karma instead and says she should give boon to Radha instead.

Devi Durga praises him and asks Radha what is her wish. Radha says Krishna’s togetherness is her biggest wish. Krishna asks Radha to seek whatever she wants fearlessly as Devi Durga can free her from fear. Radha asks her to clear all her fears regarding Krishna’s life. Devi Durga blesses her and clears her memory from her frightening dream. Radha and everyone thank Devi Durga.

Precap : 

Radha performs Krishna’s aartiand offers him butter. Krishna says if fear goes away, something else hovers their mind.Sam thinks a person whom the whole world fears has come.

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