Ghar Ek Mandir 12th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Maharaji says Varun don’t you have to say anything, atleast tell me if I was right, Varun says no Maharaji, you are wrong and doing wrong too and this is our family personal matter says don’t interfere, Genda looks at Varun qnd thinks Maharaji is saying things Varun should have and he is blaming Maharaji.

Varun says let’s cut the cake. Genda cuts her cake. Kundan says I am going to sleep you people have it, Anuradha says I am sleepy too, Manish Nisha, Shivam leave too. Varun says keep cake in fridge we will have it tomorrow, Genda looks at Maharaji and leaves.

Maharaji says Varun you today show, you could have came as a good supportive husband but you didn’t and what woman should wear its her decision and right, and you didn’t understand that nor explain others.

Varun sees cake on table and says I told her to keep inside, Nisha says give me I will keep it inside, will you have some, Varun says I don’t feel like, Nisha says I understand you are upset, first Genda and then Maharaji’s lecture, Genda remember she has to cake inside and walks out.

Varun says Maharaji did so wrong he made us feel like we are doing wrong with Genda, Nisha says you are right, he keeps interfering a lot and also keeps supporting Genda and how bad he was to keep proving Papaji wrong, I was so angry. Genda hears Nisha and Varun talk.

Nisha says Papaji must have felt so bad, Varun says I know Papa didn’t stop him because he saved my life, I won’t keep quite, Papa already is in so much pain, first Manish bhaiya left him, then Genda ruined his reputation and now this Maharaji, Papa gave him home to stay but he is insulting Papa and so now I will take this responsibility and show that I am Kundan Agarwal’s son and now Maharaji has a shop and he can find a home too, so will go talk to him to find a place to live and leaves. Nisha think’s God this plan worked so good.

Genda says what will she do now, Genda remember Maharaji saved Varun’s life, called him Lakshmi and says I know what I have to do.

Next morning Genda visits Maharaji with tea, Genda says I want to talk to you, Maharaji says sure tell me Lakshmi, what is it. Genda says thank you for supporting me yesterday but you upset the whole house.

Nisha gets Varun tea, Varun asks where is Genda, Nisha says she went to give Maharaji tea and leaves. Varun gets angry.Genda says to Maharaji, please leave because no one understands you here, Maharaji says is this your wish Lakshmi, Genda says wish doesn’t matter I just don’t want anyone else insult you by asking you to leave. Varun walks to Maharaji’s room. Genda says you are a guest and you saved Varun too, and so please leave from here. Varun hears Genda say please leave.

Maharaji says to Genda as you wish, I will leave but will need 2-3 days to find a new places till then let me be here, will go by Dashera. Genda nods and leaves. Varun hides. Maharaji walks to Varun after Genda leave. Varun looks at Maharaji in anger and leaves.
Maharaji says Lakshmi I know why you asked me to leave because Varun wants too and now Varun will ask you to ask me to stay, this is my promise.

Varun walks to Genda, Genda says you didn’t go to shop. Varun says I am happy you asked Maharaji to leave, even you didn’t like his interference and I know our family matters yo you as me, Genda says just help him find a place. Varun says yes and you remember Papa said I wilp make decisions now, so all responsibility is mine and as your husband and son I will follow all my responsibilities and till now I did as Manish Bhaiya and Papa asked now I will decide everything here and all will change and be good, just. Genda says I will support you and help you. Varun says I don’t want you to help me, just listen and do as I say, just like Mummy does, Genda says I, Varun says you are daughter in law here and my wife and so you wilp have to do as I say and leaves.

Maharaji has a customer, customers daughter Hetal says Minal is wearing the same necklace as mine, now I need different necklace, but who will get me ao quickly, and I was so excited for Garba night and Minal ruined my plan, may God help me. Maharaji says I can help you, go to Agarwal and son’s, they are best jeweller’s. Hetal thanks Maharaji and sorry to keep you waiting, your tea is cold. Maharaji says no worries it will be hot later, customer leave, Maharaji with a snap make the tea hot

Nisha and Anuradha in kitchen. Priya visits Genda, Priya says you forgot all your friends, you don’t even meet Pankhuri and Harsha, Genda says things change after wedding, Priya says one thing will never change your delicious tea,and I have offer for you, my brothers jewellery shop needs a designer and I shared few painting of yours with him, and he appreciated your design and wants you to design jewellery for you. Genda remembers Varun saying she has to do what he says. Nisha shouts from kitchen, there is lot of cooking to be done, Priya says tell me about it, Genda says what to do with this knowledge where no one in home appreciates it. Genda remember Kundan and society insulting her saying a son and daughter never equal.

Genda shouts at Priya and says I have family and responsibilities to follow, don’t get such offers for me again, Anuradha hears that and smiles. Priya says I see you are changed and leaves. Anuradha says Genda go help Nisha for Pooja. Genda remember Varun saying he is man of this family and she has to hear to him. Genda thinks I will quit all my dreams and do as Varun says.

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