Radha Mohan 19th May 2022 Written Update:

Radha Mohan 19th May 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode starts with Mohan gets stunned seeing Gungun and he attacks Damini. Damini safeguards herself. He inquires as to whether this is Gungun’s age to realize this. He advises Kadambari to get Gungun change and heads inside. Ketki ridicules Damini. Damini ponders that where is Radha and goes to Gungun’s room. Radha shouts for help. Damini opens the washroom entryway and asks her that what occurred.

Radha tells her that Gungun secured her in the washroom. Damini tells her that first time Mohan hollered at her before everybody and it happened as a result of the last option. Gungun comes there. Radha gets stunned seeing her. Gungun lets Damini know that the last option can’t turn into her mom. Damini requests that Radha follow through with something. Radha tells her that she will make everything fine.

Mohan objections about Gungun to Tulsi. Radha comes there. He asks her that what is she going to break now. She lets him know that she needs his assistance. She adds that Damini assisted Gungun with preparing once more and she believes him should work on something for Gungun. She says that Gungun will get cheerful assuming she get to realize that Mohan worked on something for her. He asks her that what he needs to do. She goes from that point and gets back with wood. She gives the wood to him and advises him to follow through with something and leaves from that point.

Radha requests that Gungun work on something for her. Gungun tells her that she can do anything with the exception of changing the saree. She eliminates her gems and make-up. Gungun turns out in Jhansi Rani outfit. Mohan grins seeing her. He gives the blade to her which he produced using wood. She takes it from him and tells her discourse. Everybody applauds her. Radha tells Gungun that Mohan made this sword. Gungun says that she will win the opposition without a doubt. Mohan puts tilak on Gungun’s temple.

Gungun asks Sunny to take her to school. Radha takes Gungun’s pack from Sunny. She says that today is extraordinary day so Mohan ought to take Gungun to school. She gives the sack to Mohan. Mohan gets close to home and advances his hand to Gungun. Gungun says that she will not go to class with her mom’s executioner. She asks Sunny to take the pack from Mohan and leaves from that point. Mohan gives the pack to Sunny and heads inside. Radha feels terrible.

Kadambari lets Mohan know that everything happening due to her. She is sorry to him and says that she is unfortunate for him. He tells her that his destiny changed after her appearance in his life and she isn’t unfortunate for him. She says that she accepts that Damini will prevail upon Gungun. She adds that he shouldn’t have hollered at Damini like that. In the interim, Radha lets Maid know that she is feeling terrible for Mohan. She fix the telephone with stick which she broke before. She goes to Mohan’s room. He requests that she leave from that point.

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