Radha Mohan 18th May 2022 Written Update:

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Episode starts with Radha breaks Mohan’s telephone unintentionally. He requests that she avoid him. In the kitchen, Damini plans milk for Gungun. Kadambari lets Damini know that becoming a mother is difficult and she is glad to see her endeavors. Damini tells her that she can do anything for Gungun’s satisfaction. Kadambari apologizes to her for admonishing her yesterday. Damini tells her that the last option has privileges to admonish her. Kadambari favors her and leaves from that point.

Damini takes two glass of milk with her. House keeper sees that Damini didn’t blend the chocolate powder and says Gungun will make show without a doubt. Damini keeps one glass of milk outside Gungun’s room table. She offers another milk glass to Gungun. Gungun asks her that for what reason the last option brought it and where is the servant. Damini requests that she get acclimated of her. Gungun inquires as to whether the last option joined as servant. She won’t drink it saying that it doesn’t have chocolate powder as well.

Damini tells her that chocolate powder isn’t really great for heath and requests that she drink plain milk from here on out. Gungun takes the glass from her and tosses it. Damini smriks seeing that and thinks that this is what she needed and leaves the room. She cleans up with milk which she kept external Gungun’s room. Tulsi’s soul sees all that and requests that Damini get Gungun far from this.

Radha comes there and asks Damini that what has been going on with her. Damini tells her that she took milk for Gungun and Gungun pour in all over. Radha trusts her and chooses to converse with Gungun. In any case, Damini stops her and says that Gungun is as yet a youngster so it’s fine. Mohan comes there and misjudges that Radha crashed into Damini. He tells Damini that Radha broke his portable and requests that she avoid Radha. Damini lets him know that she crashed into Radha. He requests that she recount this story to another person and leaves from that point. Radha acclaims Damini. Tulsi’s soul imagines that Radha is truly juvenile. Damini requests to assist her with turning into Gungun’s companion. Radha tells her that she will attempt her level best.

Afterward, Radha serves breakfast everybody. House keeper requests that Gungun prepare for school. In any case, Gungun will not go school. Mohan tells about the extravagant dress contest and requests that Gungun go school. She denies and heads inside. Damini lets Mohan know that she will persuade Gungun. Ketki reminds her about office work. Damini tells her that she is attempting to deal with both the house and the workplace.

After some time, Damini requests that Radha for assist with persuading Gungun. Radha consents to help her. Gungun hears their discussion. Radha attempts to persuade Gungun for the extravagant dress rivalry. Gungun consents to take part in the extravagant dress contest. That’s what damini hears and lets everybody know that she persuaded Gungun and prepared her as well.

Radha assists Gungun with becoming as Indra Gandhi for the extravagant dress rivalry. Gungun secures Radha in the washroom. Gungun emerges subsequent to switching her make-around. She behaves like Alia Bhatt of Gangubai film which shocks everybody. Mohan asks Damini that how might she do this.

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