Kaamnaa 19th May 2022 Written Update:

Kaamnaa 19th May 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

The episode begins with Yadhu dozing when Manav returns home. Workers say regarding how Yadhu played joyfully the entire day. He goes to Yadhu’s space to find Akanksha embracing Yadhu and Yadhu having a sound rest. Akanksha signals him to keep very and goes out saying that she required some investment than required. She says Yadhu rested in the wake of playing great and leaves. Manav comes to Yashoda and asks when did Akanksha came.

Yashoda lies that Akanksha was with Yadhu all through the match and later put him to bed singing children’s song. She genuine continued to rest snoozes under his pad before Akanksha took him in his arms and Yadhu doesn’t know about Akanksha’s presence. Manav gets stressed. Akanksha gets back home cheerfully and shows the video of Yadhu and her to Vaibhav. He was extremely astonished. Akanksha ridiculed Manav. Vaibhav says that he’s uncertain about whether it would influence Manav proficient as Neha enlightened him concerning Manav figuring out how to get his lawful papers of Niharika’s property. Akanksha guarantees him that Manav will be occupied with Yadhu and she would deal with it.

Yadhu awakens around evening time to end up in Manav’s arms. He reviews Yashoda’s words to continuously be glad for Manav to be content. Manav gets some information about his day and Yadhu says that it was perfect. He says regarding how cheerful he resembled bygone eras. He embraces Manav and keeps on dozing in his arms. Following day, Manav passes on to office. He calls Meera and examine about Vaibhav. Neha is additionally present there. Manav requests that Meera go about as he says before Neha for her to go to Vaibhav. Meera cuts the call and cheerfully embraces Neha. She says they will get the first records and passes on to Tripathi Nagar. She additionally requests money and check. Neha comes hurrying to Vaibhav and says about unfit to contact his telephone. Vaibhav finds his telephone turned off and asks what’s wrong. Neha says about Meera and Manav going to enlistment center office and Manav also surges there.

Yadhu awakens and Yashoda welcomes him. She says about Akanksha meeting him the previous evening yet Yadhu calls it her visualization. He then considers Manav who’s with Meera on his way and they welcome one another. A man of the hour visits Sakshi and Malti tracks down him as a right counterpart for her. They give security to him and Sakshi and the lucky man says about doing a historical verification on her. He gets some information about her relationship with Manav stunning Sakshi.

Precap : Mr. Holkar will attack Manav for failing to help the workplace from the time he joined as he was in the middle of dealing with his kid. Manav will caution him to not acquire his child the center and will leave the work. Vaibhav will consume Manav’s image saying that his game is finished.

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