Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 30th June 2022 Written Update:

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 30th June 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode begins with Harku saying I need to talk something. Malhar asks what’s wrong, the food is prepared, right. She says OK, come and have the food. She serves the food. She says Khanderao…

Gautama asks did Ahilya have her food. Harku says OK. Rakma comes. She signs no to Harku. Gunu ji sees Shobraj stressed. He signs what. Shobraj signs him to come. Dwarka asks where is Parvati. Harku says Parvati is absent. They all get stressed.

Rakma says she isn’t in her room. Harku says I needed to ask Khanderao first. Khanderao says I didn’t meet her. Dwarka figures I didn’t figure Parvati will do this. Malhar says come, we will view as her. They generally go to track down Parvati.

Gunu ji additionally leaves with Khanderao. Ahilya hears the commotion and expresses out loud whatever occurred there. Harku comes. She says everybody is tracking down Parvati.

Ahilya asks what. Harku says take rest, we will view as her. Ahilya says I can stroll along and view as her. Harku requests that she stay there. Everybody searches for Parvati. Dwarka says I stress that Parvati can make an off-base stride. Yamuna says Ahilya is an ideal justification behind her distress, don’t fault yourself.

Dwarka says you are correct, its Ahilya’s slip-up, she ought to know her mix-up. She goes to Ahilya. Ahilya gets some information about Parvati, any news, did she battle with somebody. Dwarka says no, she was concerned. Ahilya inquires as to why. Dwarka says its OK, take rest.

Ahilya requests that she say. Dwarka says Khanderao was leaned towards you, this inconveniences Parvati a ton, she felt terrible seeing the distinction you are getting, I m terrified that she could have made an off-base stride. Ahilya cries and says no, this can’t occur as a result of me, I will view as her. Dwarka says you will not go, we are seeing as her. Ahilya implores. Gunu ji says I will look there and come. Khanderao goes alternate way.

Shobraj says they got the genuine papers. Gunu ji says you need to get it some way or another. Shobraj asks how, she doesn’t leave from her room. Gunu ji lets some know plan. Dwarka weeps for Parvati. Malhar says gatekeepers will view as her, simply sit back and relax.

Ahilya gets some information about Parvati. House cleaner says everybody will search for her, I heard some shout. Ahilya goes out to see. Gunu ji pays the servant and requests that she take an off for certain days. Ahilya gets some information about the shout. Harku requests that she take rest in the room. Shobraj runs inside Ahilya’s room.

He changes the records. Harku gets Ahilya there. Harku requests that Ahilya take rest. She calls Krishna. Krishna says I got everything which you needed. Ahilya requests that Harku go to Shiv sanctuary and appeal to God for Parvati’s wellbeing.

She says I simply need her securely back. Harku concurs. Gunu ji says we have looked all over, nobody has seen Parvati going out. Malhar says it implies she is inside the castle, yet where. Watch says we have really looked at the whole royal residence. Khanderao stresses.

Harku and Ahilya appeal to God for Parvati. Khanderao breaks the storeroom entryway and goes in. He gets down on Parvati. He tracks down her staying there and crying. He expresses out loud whatever’s this kiddishness, you are staying here. She says this is my perfect spot.

He asks what do you mean, is this your perfect spot. She says OK, pointless and old things are kept here, even I m futile. He says you are my significant other, Malwa’s better half. She says OK, just namesake, you don’t really accept that it, you figure I don’t have the right to turn into your better half. He says its false, for what reason did you keep such off-base sentiments in your heart. She says, as a matter of fact, is this off-base, then what’s reality.

Precap :Parvati says you will not recall that our marriage will finish half year tomorrow, guarantee me, you will go through the day with me and not come to Ahilya. Khanderao asks what are you talking about. Ahilya stops him.

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