Apnapan 30th June 2022 Written Update:

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Episode begins with Ranveer selling his café share too. Mishra says you are doing this for Pallavi. Ranveer signs the clear paper and asks him to simply get 50 lakhs from the purchaser.

Pallavi meets Gagan and apologizes. She says I ought to have confided in you previously. Gagan says we have consistently endured in light of your trust issues, who told you and what, for what reason did you come here.

Ranveer comes and says Gagan got the bail, you can return the 50 lakhs to Harsh. Pallavi asks how did my portion get such a lot of cash. Ranveer says I have sold my portion additionally, the eatery isn’t anything without you, client gave us 50 lakhs, we wanted it the most. Gagan gets free. He irately leaves.

Unforgiving comes to Nick and contends with him. he says you got Gagan liberated, why, I believed him should remain in prison for a really long time.

Scratch says you said you will take the objection back when they give the cash. Brutal says matter will end when I need. Scratch reviews the youth second. Pallavi asks Harsh to go with Nick. Brutal says no, I need to remain with you. He cries.

Scratch says Harsh can’t get treated here, believe me. She says you broke my trust, Harsh is now sick, assuming I move away from him. He says I can give better life to Harsh and Manna, you know this. FB closes. Pallavi cries.

Gagan gets back home. The neighbors insult Pallavi and Gagan. Gagan furiously reproves the women. Pallavi says my youngsters aren’t spoilt, they know how to converse with individuals. Everybody meets Gagan and gets blissful.

Appnapan… .plays… . Brutal sudden spikes in demand for the treadmill. Bua requests that he delayed down, such a lot of speed isn’t great for him. Cruel says speed is great, let it be, this doesn’t make any difference. Bua says you talk like you mother. He says she isn’t my mother, quit contrasting me and her. She conditions him against Pallavi.

He blows up. He says I will show her benefits and misfortunes. Pallavi makes kheer for everybody. Gagan says I m not cheerful, don’t do this. Nani says we are glad that the family is together. Barkha comes and insults. Gagan says I will not fail to remember that mean person. Pallavi says don’t let him know anything.

Barkha inquires as to why, is he additionally connected with you. Pallavi says OK, he is connected with me and you all additionally, he is my most memorable kid, your senior sibling, Harsh. They get stunned. Badal says it implies Nick has Manna and Harsh with him, will we stay all together. Barkha asks what will be the family last name now. Pallavi says they will return. Gagan says your senior child sent me to the prison, for what reason did he do this, tell me. They generally go. Pallavi cries.

Maa consoles Pallavi. Pallavi says for what reason scratched come there to demolish everything. Maa says perhaps it’s another way for yourself and Nick. Pallavi says I need to new way for Barkha, I need to fix it. Lalita and Pallavi come to the café.

Lalita says I can hardly imagine how Ranveer sold his portion too. Pallavi says he has a major offer, presently I need to begin all that without any preparation and get his portion back, he has a long term agreement, I will work 10 years and bring everything back.

They see Nick J board. Pallavi asks Mishra who said its Nick J’s property. Mishra says Ranveer said offer it to anybody, Nick J is the purchaser, he is prepared to pay any sum. Pallavi says there won’t be any arrangement. The billboard fall over her. Scratch coms and saves her.

Scratch says toss everything old from here, I need nothing old here. Pallavi asks what is it that you need to demonstrate. Ranveer comes. Scratch says its generally expected to face challenge in business, I saw aimlessly perusing and marking the agreement.

Pallavi says Ranveer confided in you. Scratch yells on the staff. Pallavi inquires as to for what reason are you playing this game. He says your children have zero faith in anybody, not even you. She says its great, nobody will exploit their trust. He asks how did I respond. She says do anything, I m going. Scratch says old staff will work for me.

Precap :Pallavi says I won’t work for you. She leaves. Maa says Pallavi never gets late. Pallavi comes ground floor.

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