Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 29th June 2022 Written Update:

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Episode begins with Malhar saying until Ahilya goes to the darbar, no issue gets settled, figure out this. Ahilya says no, we could tackle this matter today due to Khanderao. Gautama says we will go, you have a discussion about the darbar. She signs Malhar. Gautama and Sushila leave.

Malhar says Gautama doesn’t maintain that I should address Khanderao before Sushila, however truly, this battle shouldn’t have come before Ahilya, anything you say Khanderao, consistently recollect this, at whatever point I go for a mission, my the two eyes are on Malwa,

I got to realize this, that you weren’t in that frame of mind since the most recent four months, you were finding that poison assailant, you didn’t find that individual, I feel you were recently deluded. Khanderao inquires as to how could anybody do this. Malhar says this is legislative issues, foes are crushed in two ways, by battling and deceiving from the way.

He requests that he call Gunu ji to his room. He says I don’t believe that Ahilya should get any strain. Parvati hears Dwarka and Yamuna talking. Dwarka says Khanderao and Ahilya got this welcome, however Gautama asked Ahilya not to go anyplace.

Yamuna says he can go with Parvati, she is additionally his better half. Dwarka says OK, yet the issue is, not every person is familiar with Khanderao and Parvati’s marriage. Yamuna says Ahilya knows to keep Khanderao in charge, Parvati doesn’t know doing things like this. Parvati flies off the handle. She goes. Dwarka grins. She says Parvati will definitely accomplish something now.

Malhar really takes a look at the records. Gunu ji comes and says you called me. Malhar gets some information about the mailing station administration, it has everything in it. Gangoba says OK. Gunu ji says you might have told me, I would have made sense of you, for what reason did you ask Gangoba. Malhar says every one of the archives ought to be same, what’s the issue. Gunu ji says you are correct.

He thinks did Malhar get some uncertainty. He stresses and sits. Malhar sends Gangoba. He asks Gunu ji what occurred of that poison aggressor. Gunu ji asks who. Malhar says Vaid’s associate who gave the toxin to Ahilya, who was that man who informed you about the guilty party, you informed Khanderao about him, right.

Gunu ji says its multi month old matter, I was occupied in darbar matters, I didn’t focus on this, don’t have the foggiest idea where is that man. Malhar says the man informed you and you cautioned Khanderao, you would recollect where you initially met that man. Gunu ji says OK, I recall that, I went to meet that man. Malhar inquires as to for what reason did you go to meet him, how could you realize that man has any data about the aggressor.

Parvati lashes out and tosses things. She cries. She figures I will carry Khanderao to me. Malhar inquires as to for what reason are you so strained. Gunu ji says no, I m attempting to review, I had my covert agents. Malhar asks didn’t you affirm that news.

Khanderao says you said that news is sure. Gunu ji says he told this to me. Malhar says your covert agent ought to get rebuffed assuming he is giving you wrong data. Gunu ji says no, he kicked the bucket. Malhar asks what. Gunu ji says that man’s father had kicked the bucket, he isn’t in Malwa the present moment, are you questioning me for something.

Khanderao says no, Gunu ji has helped me a ton, believe me. Malhar says you ought to consider everything, on the off chance that you get the insight about that guilty party, send a reliable watchman after him, Khanderao, I believe you should zero in on the darbar work. Khanderao says unfortunately at the present time, Ahilya needs me more. Malhar gestures.

Khanderao says I can’t leave Ahilya and go anyplace, you have returned now, you can deal with the darbar. Gunu ji says I m additionally with you, did I commit any error. Malhar says I will converse with you about the mailing station work.

He says Khanderao, you are the sovereign, I can’t give your obligation to any other person. Khanderao says unfortunately I can’t acknowledge this, Ahilya needs me more, its my last choice. Gunu ji asks could I at any point go at this point. Malhar gestures. Gunu ji leaves. He requests that Shobraj utilize the cash in the mail center work and make the records right, nobody ought to uncertainty. Shobraj leaves.

Gunu ji thinks I required 4 months to get things on my side, Malhar changed everything in one day. Gangoba says Malhar questions Gunu ji, he feels something is off-base, Gunu ji was strained. Ahilya says it implies he accomplished something wrong.

He says Malhar will actually take a look at the reports today. Ahilya asks what is your take, will he get genuine records or not. Gangoba says it might get traded. She gets some information about the covert agents they employed, did they get any data. He says OK, they got a few dubious records, we can’t call them here the present moment, else the guilty party will get ready.

She says OK, get the genuine papers to me, I will really take a look at it. He says OK, it will be correct, your maths is actually awesome, just you can do this, I will move it immediately. He leaves. He proceeds to get the genuine records. Shobraj stows away. Gangoba gives the records to Ahilya and leaves. Ahilya really takes a look at the records.

Precap :Harku requests Parvati. Everybody searches for Parvati. Gunu ji says Ahilya will know the trick in the event that she really looks at the papers, get the archives from her.

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