Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 28th June 2022 Written Update:

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Episode begins with Ahilya saying I need to say something, Shantaram fouled up with Krishna, he ought to apologize to her first. Khanderao gestures. She requests that Shantaram apologize to Krishna before them.

Krishna says compelling reason need. Ahilya says its required. Shantaram says nothing. Khanderao says I will rebuff him that any man will think multiple times prior to disregarding any lady. He rebuffs Shantaram with a lifetime sentence.

Shantaram cries. Gunu ji attempts to quiet Khanderao. Gautama searches for Ahilya. She says Ahilya and everybody haven’t arrived, where did they go. Krishna apologizes. She says I m grateful for supporting me and stressing for me, I demand you to not rebuff Shantaram, he is my significant other, I can’t see this occurrence with him.

Khanderao says on the off chance that we leave him, we don’t have the foggiest idea how he will manage you. She says I simply needed that exactly the same thing doesn’t occur with Gomti, I have no other assumption, I feared my family breaking and kept silent, in any case I got fortitude now, I will take Gomti with me and head off to some place.

Ahilya says you have tormented her and broke her certainty, and still, at the end of the day she is arguing for your opportunity, a lady can’t see anything wrong occurring with her significant other, no one in the town likes you, everybody sees you with disdain, just Krishna acknowledged your displeasure and terrible way of behaving, she cherishes you a ton even today,

That’s what your genuine discipline is, you lose a lady like Krishna. She says Khanderao will conclude it now, whether he sends Shantaram free or place him in prison, Shantaram will remain alone the entirety of his better half.

Shantaram cries. He is sorry to Krishna. Krishna and Gomti cry. He says I will kick the bucket without you and Gomti, I would rather not live alone, excuse me. Krishna says don’t say this. He is sorry to Gomti.

Gomti likewise apologizes to her. She says I didn’t maintain that you should get you rebuffed, I needed you both to adore one another and regard each other like Ahilya and Khanderao do. Ahilya asks Khanderao would you allow an opportunity to Shantaram. Shantaram apologizes to her. He says I will not foul up, I will keep my obligation well.

She pardons him. She inquires as to whether he allows the law against aggressive behavior at home. Khanderao requests that Gangoba get the papers. Gautama asks where did every one of the workers go. The worker says every one of the workers went to the darbar, Ahilya is getting equity for Krishna. Khanderao says I license Ahilya’s progressive regulation,

I report that it will happen from now. The women serenade Ahilya’s name. Ahilya expresses gratitude toward them. Khanderao signs the papers. Gangoba peruses the law votes down aggressive behavior at home. Gunu ji blows up. Khanderao and Ahilya grin. She feels uncomfortable. He holds her.

Vaid checks Ahilya and says all is well, pretty much nothing remains to be stressed. He leaves. Gautama says you have made another standard for Malwa ladies, great, yet from now, you will not leave your room, its my order.

Khanderao says you won’t assume any liability now. Malhar comes and says you don’t allow such need to emerge that she needs to go to the darbar once more. He meets Ahilya. He asks how are you. She says great. Malhar says Khanderao, you accomplished something useful by tolerating that new regulation, however for what reason did Ahilya need to go to the darbar for this regulation.

The workers discuss Ahilya and acclaim her for bringing the law right into it. Parvati says its the ideal opportunity for the lunch. The woman says lunch will be made for time, we need to make something particularly amazing for Ahilya, could you at any point help us in embellishing the late. Parvati gestures. She flies off the handle seeing them and requests that they do all such things subsequent to preparing the lunch. Dwarka looks on.

Precap :Ahilya asks will Malhar get the genuine papers or not. Malhar questions Gunu ji straightforwardly.

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