Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 28th December 2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Tukoji saying Gunu ji didn’t foul up as per the guidelines. Ahilya gestures. She says we will converse with Gangoba. He says he has gone to Indore, you need to converse with Dhana ji in his nonattendance. She figures I don’t figure it will be great to address Gunu ji’s work.

Gautama and Malhar search for Ahilya. Rakma says Ahilya is in the royal residence, I don’t have a clue where, she needed to accomplish some work with Tukoji. Gautama checks out Malhar. He says she kept your assertion, perhaps my concern likewise gets simple with her recommendation, why are angry with her. She says she didn’t pay attention to me totally.

He says outrage isn’t great, accompany me to play chess. He takes her and requests that she invest energy with him. They go. Rakma becomes irate. Dwarka is with Dhana ji.

He says I know everything what Ahilya is doing, she needs Malwa to deal with the officers who aren’t in help, similar to we are doing good cause. Ahilya comes and says no, a fighter hazards his life and works for us, assuming he kicks the bucket in the fight or gets actually hurt, then, at that point, we shouldn’t dismiss, its our obligation to do this. She asks how might he live without cash, when he can’t work, then, at that point, how might he deal with his family.

He says we can’t care for him all life. She says that fighter has taken a chance with his life for us. He contends. She gives an illustration of another ruler who takes care of his warriors. He says we have very little cash in the illustrious fortunes, we can’t bear more costs. Dwarka asks Ahilya not to contend. She gets some information about the regal fortunes, would you like to change the old principles in a single evening. Dhana ji says Raiba will not get any monetary assistance, we can’t conflict with rules. Ahilya stresses.

Anandi requests that the children have less food, else it will end soon, what will they do then, at that point. The children say Ahilya said all will be great till evening. Raiba says our destiny is terrible. Ahilya reviews Dhana ji’s words. She goes out. Rakma goes to Gautam and requests that she see what’s going on with Ahilya. Everybody comes out. They see Ahilya getting the dirt burrowed. Dwarka asks what’s going on. Ahilya says I was anxious the entire evening and needed my responses, I simply needed to see the establishment of this castle. Bana asks what befallen her. Malhar grins.

Dwarka says you are Gyaani, you don’t have the foggiest idea about the establishment is simply soil and rock, its not kept on precious stones and adornments, don’t you get it, what’s the need to burrow the dirt. Ahilya says all of you suspect as much. She asks Tukoji for what reason didn’t he gesture, doesn’t he consent to it. He grins and says I don’t have a clue about the response, I realize that this inquiry isn’t just basic.

Gangoba asks what would you like to know, I was here when this royal residence was made, Dwarka is correct, this castle depends on soil and shakes. Malhar says no, I don’t accept thus, all of you are not off-base, a structure is made on soil and shakes, yet a ruler’s castle is made by officers and their caring devotion.

Ahilya grins. Malhar acclaims the fighters’ endeavors that makes the establishment solid. Ahilya says I concur with it, shouldn’t the officers get their freedoms, we don’t leave the old older folks, assuming that any individual can’t serve the Rajya, then, at that point, we can’t leave them. She says I took in this from Malhar, favor is dependably some help, we ought to always remember it, individuals who had given their lives for us, we should deal with them and their requirements.

Precap :Malhar says we should think about the warriors, we can’t conclude it at the present time. Ahilya says we can do it, I have an answer.

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