Agar Tum Na Hote 28th December 2021 Written Update:

Niyati says that from today Abhimanyu is her obligation and she simply needs the help of Manaroma so they would most likely make him solid indeed,

Niyati takes the handle of the wheelchair when Ram calls Niyati from behind, she begins crying seeing her dad and comes to take his approval however he says it is enough referencing he has not come to give her his approval, she is stunned to hear it, he says he has come to tell her the future and that the choice she has taken in light of the feeling, she will get baffled over it,

the individual in light of whom she has broken every single connection and is leaving would one day cause her to understand that she has committed an error, she will ultimately return to her own home, Niyati answers it would not resemble that since she has forever been instructed to win every single battle which she faces, she would clearly win it,

she has even acknowledged his annoyance as the gift yet presently has acknowledged this before everybody that she will clearly return to him yet that day she will be joined by her significant other who might be fit as a fiddle, she by and by bows to take his approval anyway he doesnot even lift his hand, she stands up, checking out Sulochana she turns around cheerfully, going to the wheelchair, Niyati begins pushing forward joined by her new family while Sulochana is sobbing.

Slam doesnot even move while his girl is leaving, Sulochana tunrs figuring he may stop her yet this doesnot occur so she is compelled to stay seeing her girl leave.
In the city of Lucknow, Niyati is in the vehicle with Abhimanyu who is as yet oblivious, she seeing that can’t sit as expected, upholds him, holding his hand firmly she thinks about their first gathering when he dropped her back to her home, how he even dealt with her as a companion, dealing with ll the arrangements of her wedding, she begins sobbing considering how she couldn’t comprehend his affection.

Mr Panday in the vehicle says he has not yet reached back home however shouts they ought not ask him for any work since he needs to invest some energy with his child and girl in law, Amma jee is moving while at the same time tossing the cash while two women are taking them covertly while additionally partaking in the dance, the voice of the alarms are heard, they generally get energized when she requests that they stop as tio appears Kichu has accompanied the little girl in law and Abhimanyu.

Kinkar soaking out of the vehicle calls Jagan, Niyati leaves the vehicle when everybody grins in the wake of seeing Niyati, they all beginning grinning when Niyati goes to assist Kinkar with freeing Abhimanyu once again from the vehicle, they all are stunned to see him oblivious, they are invited by the blossoms, Kinkar takes the gift of Amma jee,

Kichu additionally takes her approval when he shouts that he has brought the spouse of Abhimanyu, she reviews how they got them both married at their more youthful stage, he asks them to now have them play out the GrehPerwash, she answers they have made every one of the game plans so requests that they come.

Niyati begins strolling with the whole family when in the wake of arriving at the entryway, Amma jee shouts that she is the person who encouraged to get her married with Abhimanyu, however later that thing got ugly and first there was no desire for thinking that she is then they were stressed over the strength of Abhimanyu, yet in the wake of tolerating the marriage she has demonstrated that the choice which was made was rarely off-base.

Amma jee is mentioned to play out the GrehPerwash by one more woman in the house, who shouts they have been anxiously sitting tight for Niyati, and afterward Amma asks Niyati make a print from her hands on the divider, Niyati goes to play out the custom, she inquires as to whether she would not begin playing out the arti, Niyati begins supplicating when Devi applies the tika on both Niyati and Abhimanyu when Amma jee requests that Niyati push the kalash with her right feet and go into the house, later Niyati pushes it then they begin strolling inside, Vidhi shouts she wants to shoot her entrance for the video blog anyway Amma je stops her, she says that since the time he enlightened them concerning the demolishing state of Abhimanyu they have gotten truly strained, Niyati attempts to clarify when Kichu guarantees that nothing out of sorts would occur since they have brought the shackles for him, Kichu shouts they needed to put forth a ton of attempt for him, Kichu clarifies Ram is equivalent to before on the grounds that he disagreed, Amma jee says she will turn his ears, inquiring as to whether he has gotten so old that he wouldn’t acknowledge it.

Bua jee asks Amma jee to stop as they need to meet Niyati, Manaroma makes reference to she is the bua of Abhimanyu, Niyati takes her approval and she even gives her the Shugun, Manaroma then, at that point, acquaints her with the Mami jee, spouse of Kinkar. She even takes her approval, finally Vidhi shouts she is the most loved sister of Abhimanyu, Niyati requests the name of the woman who is standing unobtrusively, she is about her name and when Mami jee says she is Kamna and is timid yet since she has come so she can repair her methodologies.

Kinkar says that assuming there isn’t any custom left so would they be able to allow Niyati and Abhimanyu to rest, Niyati sees that the lamp in the house is going to fall, she figures out how to drive Manaroma away while she, when all is said and done, sticks Abhimanyu, everybody is stunned when Kichu asks how could it occur, Niyati sees that somebody is pulling the rope standing higher up, Kichu calls Karan, Vidhi expresses gratitude toward Karan for saving the existence of both Abhimanyu and his better half.

Mr Panday and Kinkar both go to inquire as to whether she is fine, Amma jee supplicates that she is happy nothing out of sorts occurred, Bua jee shouts he is her child, who nobly saved the existence of his sibling and his significant other,

karan strolling ground floor calls the workers asking what are they doing, he even slaps one of them which stresses Niyati. Mr Panday coming gestures of recognition karan, he acquaint him with Niyati referencing he is very much like his own child, Amma jee encourages Niyati to proceed to rest in her room as there is additionally the custom which will occur in the evening and who knows by them, Abhimanyu may likewise awaken, Niyati concurs, in the room Abhimanyu is dozing, Niyati shouts he is her joker, she sees that he is awakening so attempts to help him, Abhimanyu in the wake of awakening questions who is she, hearing this she is left dazed.

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