Kundali Bhagya 28th December 2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Preeta lets Prithvi know that she accomplished such a great deal for Luthra’s and she has freedoms on this house as of now since she is Karan Luthra’s better half. She says to him that she is Mahesh’s beloved that is the reason he moved his property on her name. She advises Luthra’s that she didn’t get back to get their affection and pardoning yet to get her cash and privileges. Kareena tells her that first time the last option talking truth which is she is hanging around for cash. Dadi feels that she never saw Preeta’s this face and she chooses to illuminate Karan about Preeta’s appearance and goes higher up.

Kritika lets Preeta know that she never thought the last option will turn out this way. Preeta enlightens her that she don’t mind regarding it. Kareena asks Rakhi that for what good reason the last option isn’t uttering a word. Rakhi lets Preeta know that only couple of moments back just the last option said that she continued on in her life why she is saying this and she can’t trust this. Preeta tells her that she came for her privileges and nobody can grab it from her. Dadi requests that Sameer wake Karan up in light of the fact that she needs to enlighten Karan regarding Preeta so he can toss her out of the house.

Rakhi asks Preeta that for what good reason she battle for Kritika assuming she entered Luthra manor for cash then, at that point. She asks her that for what valid reason the last option assumed the fault on herself to save Karan. She says to her that the last choosed Luthra’s joy over her own joy consistently in light of the fact that the last option cherished them. Preeta tells her that she did everything to dazzle Mahesh. Rakhi requests to investigate her eyes and say this once more. Kareena tells her that Preeta acknowledged that she entered Luthra chateau for cash.

Dadi awakens Karan and gives lemonade to him. Sherlyn asks Preeta that for what good reason the last option got back to upset them. Preeta lets them know that seems like her appearance impacted Prithvi and Sherlyn the most. She asks Luthra’s that for what reason they are responding like this when they have been dealt with like workers simply by Prithvi. She guarantees them saying that she will treat them better than Prithvi. She lets Prithvi know that she realizes that he returned for retribution.

Kareena educates Rakhi that Preeta don’t mind concerning them and showed her working class norm. Preeta tells her that she is the proprietor of Luthra chateau however what the last option has now. She lets them know that she generally longed for turning into the proprietor of Luthra house which occurred. Prithvi tells her that he won’t let her grab anything from him. He says to her that as a result of his hardwork Luthra business arrived at this much achievement. She lets him know that he can work for her. He tells her that she isn’t proprietor of anything and he don’t trust her phony papers.

Karan asks Dadi that what occurred. She lets him know that Preeta returned and saying that she came for cash. Preeta gives the papers to Sherlyn and requests that she read and tell Luthra’s. She lets Prithvi know that his face telling that he understood that he lost everything.

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