Parineetii 24th June 2022 Written Update:

Parineetii 24th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Cab driver gets frustrated in light of the fact that he neglected to kidnap groom. They intends to hijack lady of the hour in any event. They make oblivious somebody mixing up her as Neeti. He feels that lucky man will call him to figure out lady. He will request cash to him. He encloses that young lady by mat and takes from that point. He grins at Rajeev and leaves from that point. Sukhwinder asks that everything ought to work out positively. Gurpreet leaves to carry Bride to mandap. She illuminates to all that lady of the hour is absent. All of a sudden Neeti comes there and tells her she was in restroom.

Sukhwinder encourages her to act like young lady at in case for her wedding. Cleric requests that Rajeev forward his hand put Neeti hand on him. He reminds his wedding with Parineet. Neeti expresses gratitude toward him for wearing gunghat or, in all likelihood she would have wear it. Cleric asks them to don’t talk while doing customs. Neeti asks her mother where is Parineet she will not do this marriage without her. Rajeev questions why she know Parineet? Later Parineet admonishes the catering organization that they didn’t plan food on time. Taxi driver sees her and thinks that he looked at on her first yet he didn’t be able to steal her. He will get once again to take her. Parineet enquires them what’s inside the mat. He misleads her that juice fell on mat so Neeti requests that they eliminate it.

Everybody looks for Parieet there. Neeti is determined to just wed him in Parineet’s presence. Everybody attempts to cause her to comprehend it’s awful sign to get up from mandap. Neeti yells for Parineet she hears her voice and surges close to her. Rajeev gets shock to see them embracing each other inwardly. Parineet enquires her what has been going on with her? Neeti tells her she was in pressure. Sukhwinder offers to her that she got up from mandap. Parineet requests her to sorry to all and offers to all she knows nothing about Punjabi culture. She adds that she was her social specialist thus. Rajeev gets a rude awakening. Parineet apologizes to Sanju for disappeared on time. Parineet puts his hand on Neeti and cause them to sit on mandap. Rajeev gets crushed seeing Parineet closeness with Neeti. In the mean time taxi driver and his companions leaves from that point alongside the young lady. They figures out that young lady got traded.

Rajeev and Neeti gets up to trade the festoon he reminds his minutes with Parineet. He wonders whether or not to take laurel and makes her wear it. Rajeev can’t ready to escape Parineet’s idea and reminds the promises he took with Parineet. Rajeev gets up and declares that he can’t ready to wed her. Neeti asks her for what good reason did he trick with her? He tells her that he isn’t tricking. Sukhwinder argues him to don’t do this way. He uncovers his character to all. Everybody gets shock to track down Rajeev there and asks him why is he here?

Parineet apologize to Neeti and tells her she doesn’t have the foggiest idea why is he here? She asks him where could Sanju be? Harman prevents Vicky from beating him. Everybody asks him where could Sanju be? Neeti uncovers to all he is Sanju. Rajveer bows before Parineet and tells her he is both Rajveer and Sanju. He uncovers to Neeti that he got hitched to Parineet first and how could he succumbed to Neeti. He clears up for them that he want to protect her from Rakesh that is the reason he wedded to her to save her from him.

Parineet asks him doesn’t he content with their marriage. He describes to her whatever occurred in past. Neeti specifies him as con artist. He apologize to Parineet for his error and tells her she is generally excellent individual however he don’t merit her. He don’t want to do more sin in his life. He is sorry to Neeti she slaps him out of resentment. Sukhwinder blacks out down in shock. Rajveer dreams this all. Taxi driver gets back to mandap and sees Neeti on mandap. He imparts a plan to them.

Parineet brings water for Sanju. He takes water from her in tears. She feels something abnormal. Rajeev feels that he is in a tough situation. All at once water tumbles down stunning them. Taxi driver companions that pouring water will enter through this a great deal. Changing their dress and return is better. They passes on to change the dress. Family members are cleaning the mandap. Sukhwinder requests that Gurprit quit cleaning it. Minister requests that Parineet place this coconut close to prepare. She passes on to give it to him. Taxi drivers stops Rajeev and make him oblivious there. They leaves him seeing Parineet there.Episode end

Precap; Neeti will ask Cab driver where could Sanju be? He will uncover to him that he abducted him. Parineet will see that somebody attempting to kidnap Sanju and attempt to alarm them. They will undermine her with blade. Neeti will hurt the driver with coconut. Later could driver at any point will hit Sanju from back.

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