Udaariyaan 24th June 2022 Written Update:

Udaariyaan 24th June 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

The episode begins with Jasmine asking the staff for what reason chief called Fateh. The staff says that the school the board is concur with Fateh and they can fire him. She further expresses that there was a period Tejo gave Fateh certainty and made him dominate the game, however presently Fateh lost due to her. Opposite side Gurpreet tells the family that Fateh shouldn’t have taken Tejo with him to the match. Mayi says that Fateh could lost his employment on account of Tejo. In the mean time Fateh guards Tejo and contends with the school the board. He says that she was the best educator in Punjab and got grant for something very similar, however presently her condition isn’t great. Being taught individuals they ought to help what is happening.

Jasmine shares with Tejo that Fateh getting admonished as a result of her. Tejo needed to apologize. Jasmine expresses her to go to them and apologize. There Fateh concedes that he mixed up by carrying Tejo to the match and apologize for that. He tells not express anything against Tejo. All at once Tejo comes there and inquires as to whether he is fine, they didn’t beat him. Fateh denies. Jasmine sneers and says that Fateh will just get affronts by remaining with Tejo.

Tejo apologizes to the school the board. She says that it was her mix-up and not Fateh’s. She cries and sits ups. Sandhus arrive at school and witness this. Fateh stops Tejo and embraces. The understudies demand the administration to excuse Fateh. The administration gives a last admonition to Fateh and leaves. Tejo gets cheerful and embraces Fateh. The staff tells Jasmine that the truth of the matter is Tejo loves Fateh without question. Jasmine gets disillusionment that her arrangement tumbled.

Rupy apologizes to the school the board for what occurred. The says that they shouldn’t let Tejo outside until she recovers. Rupy disagrees with him. Fateh takes Tejo to get her frozen yogurt. Jasmine telephones Gurpreet and incites her against Tejo. Fateh cleans Tejo’s feet. Jasmine shows this to Gurpreet through the video call. She balances the approach seeing Sandhus. Tejo cheerfully tells Sandhus that Fateh got her frozen yogurt. Fateh persuades Tejo to return home with the Sandhus. Jasmine feels that she will lash out by seeing this.

Fateh returns home. Gurpreet insults Fateh and faults Tejo for Fateh losing his employment. Fateh denies it and explains that he just got an admonition. Gurpreet expresses that later on he will lost the employment in light of Tejo. Gurpreet criticizes Tejo amazing Fateh. She asks Fateh for what valid reason he carried Tejo with him and inquires as to whether he lost the employment he got after parcel of endeavors. Fateh reminds Gurpreet that he landed that position due to Tejo. He says that Tejo generally upheld them, so he will not fail to remember this and won’t walk out on her now.

Gurpreet says that everything has limit. She can’t see him going to Tejo in the late evening or cleaning her feet. She says that she concluded that Fateh go to Tejo from now on stunning Fateh. Opposite side Satti and Jasmine discuss Fateh. Jasmine profess to lament letting Tejo be and fault herself for what occurred. Satti says that it’s not her shortcoming. Here Fateh won’t acknowledge Gurpreet choice. He says that Tejo is everything for himself and nobody can prevent him from supporting Tejo. He says that he will do all that to capability make her. He says that he is going to Tejo and will live like her. He adds that this is his choice. Family looks on stunned on hearing this.

Fateh comes to Tejo. He makes butterfly utilizing his hands to encourages Tejo. The two of them fall on the bed and giggle. Tejo requests that Fateh help her to frame butterfly utilizing her hands. Fateh instructs her. Jasmine gets envious on seeing this and commitments to make Tejo take off from this house.

Precap: Tejo and Fateh cheerfully fly kite. Jasmine exhaust on seeing this. Jasmine says that Fateh needs to just wed her. She takes scissors and looks on indignantly.

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