Parineetii 23rd June 2022 Written Update:

Parineetii 23rd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with taxi Driver gets back to his Taxi stand. His companions asks him for what reason would he say he is irate? Driver illuminates to them that he misled them before how could he got injured all over. In any case, two women beaten him and made his face in this state. He deceives them that they outlined him like sick person and beaten him. He illuminates to them that he saw them again in wedding scene he can’t ready to endure their joy. His companion encourages him to stop that wedding and ruin her face. Then incites him against Neeti and Parineet.

Later Rajeev’s companions are pulling each other legs. He shares about Parineet magnificence to Rajeev he pays attention to them uninformed she is Parineet. In the mean time Driver and his companions goes into wedding scene mask like servers. Driver encourages his companions to steal the lady of the hour and lucky man.

Later Gurpreet acclaims that Parineet organized everything well. Sukhwinder also gives all credits to her. Parineet adds that she satisfied her commitment. Vicky offers what’s to him. Harman requests that he quit talking like this. Neeti upholds Vicky by saying he used to talk like this. Somebody illuminates them capability going to start. Parineet requests that her relatives prepare.

Parineet and Neeti are moving along with their relatives. Rajeev won’t go with his companions to move thinking one relative asked him to don’t see lady of the prior hour marriage. His companions takes him from that point powerfully. While moving Neeti crashes into Vicky. The two offers an eyelock and moves there.

Parineet dreams like hitting the dance floor with Rajeev. Parineet and Neeti sees that Sukhwinder gets drained. Parineet passes on to actually take a look at her. Taxi driver sees them there. Rajeev and his companions comes there and gets together with them in dance. Rajeev gets shock to track down Parineet’s folks there. He leaves from that point. Sukhwinder follows him behind. Driver imparts his arrangement to his companions how to kidnap the husband to be and lady. Still up in the air to destroy their satisfaction.

Sukhwinder acquaints Gurpreet’s family with Rajeev. While they converses with the artists Rajeev leaves from that point and collied with Parineet. She questions something off-putting and leaves from that point. Taxi driver follows Rajeev he feels like somebody following him and leaves from that point. Parineet and Neeti thank god for giving such a decent fellowship to them.

Later Cab driver and his companions sees Parineet with Neeti. Neeti’s companion comes there and erroneously spills juice on stalkers. Neeti acquaints her companion with Parineet. She pardons them to do the excess plans. Stalkers are arranging how to snatch the lady of the hour. Rajeev compasses to his room and gets apprehensive to get found out.

Driver prepares to make Rajeev oblivious. They holds up external seeing him went into washroom. Rajeev gets apprehensive contemplating his marriage with Parineet. He opens the entryway and notification Vicky there so he conceals his face as quickly as possible. Vicky requests that server eliminate the glass. Rajeev overlooks Vicky and leaves from that point.

Precap: Rajeev will report that he can’t ready to wed Neeti. He will uncover his character to everybody. They will get shock to see Rajeev there.

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