Nima Denzongpa 19th August 2022 Written Update:

Nima Denzongpa 19th August 2022 Written Update on

Sujatha conceals Virat’s ID evidence from Manav. She lets him know that she will come after finish contemplation. Sujatha imagines like enquiring Rishi where did he went yesterday? Rishi asks her Is there any guidelines to illuminate her every little thing about him? Manav lets him know that he got one hooligan yesterday while battling with him he tire his Tshirt.

He was likewise wearing same dark variety T-shirt yesterday. Rishi asks him Is there any standards just hooligans permitted to wear same variety garments? He asks Sujatha doesn’t he asked her to fasten his Tshirt for what reason didn’t she made it happen yet? Sujatha asks him Is this equivalent T-shirt she neglected to share about it to Manav when did he scrutinized her out of frustration.

Manav apologize to him for mixing up him. Later Nima shares with Sunita it’s great they counseled specialist that is the reason they took in her BP got raised. Sujatha asks Nima For what good reason did she move to this area? Doesn’t she here to look for her better half why did she behind her significant other? Sunita flies off the handle on her.

Sujatha asks her doesn’t many individuals’ are living in this space why did she asked help to her better half? Is it true that he is legend to save her from thug? In light of her better half hand got injured? Sunita asks Nima this much occurred in night? Sujatha contends with Nima there. Nima tells her that she generally discuss all. She don’t want to converse with her. Sujatha cautions her to remain from her better half.

Sunita packs her gear out of frustration and tells her that she conceal everything from her? Doesn’t she misled her it as a fantasy? Nima tells her that she don’t want to make her concern that is the reason. Sunita requests that she shift from here to their own home. She fears the most exceedingly awful here. She stresses for her future a ton here. Something wrong will happen to her here assuming she stay here.

Nima tells her how might they leave in this present circumstance? Doesn’t they figure out this much? Sunita tells her lets do everything from their home. Lets call Suresh to help them. She don’t want to remain here she begs her. Nima tells her that she don’t want to concern her more how about we shift from here. Sunita embraces her in joy. Sujatha’s relatives gets glad to see Ganesh pooja held there. Sujatha’s mother tells them without cleaning up they shouldn’t move from here.

Sujatha sees that Nima moving from that point and express gratitude toward God. She shares her bliss to Rishi. Nima tells Sunita we should appeal to god prior to leaving from here. Nima takes arathi to god and offers her melancholy to god. She tells god that she doesn’t have the foggiest idea what’s composed on her predetermination. She just requirements her Virat return to her life.

Manav comes there to supplicate. God’s garments falls on them in breeze. Nima gets glad to see Manav next to her. The two offers an eye lock there. Sunita gets astounded seeing them together. He gets a blazes of his past. He asks Nima Is they are going to anyplace? Sunita tells him they were going to leave yet not. God halted them. Manav leaves from that point. Nima asks her for what valid reason did she altered her perspective?

Sunita tells her god again shows to them he is out Virat. We shouldn’t leave like this without figuring out reality. Sujatha’s mother sees them returning to home. She cautions Sujatha there. She imagines like enquiring them Is they going anyplace? Sunita responds to her in ridiculing way. She tells her obviously that she will remain here as it were.

Sujatha tells Rishi that she feels embarrassed to specify him as her sibling? She requests him to unnerve her a ton in night. He could continue our arrangement today. In the mean time Nima prepares in Marathi’s custom. Sunita acclaims her magnificence there. Nima reminds how did Virat gifts her a fragrance and notices I love you to her. He tells her that he adores this smell. He gets her considerations when he smells it.

Nima likes that flavor. Nima gets profound contemplating everything. She utilizes that fragrance. In the mean time Sujatha asks everybody how could she thoroughly searches in this ensemble? They misleads her as lovely. Manav asks her what’s the need to prepare this much? She great searches in basic. Later everybody appreciates Nima’s excellence. Minister requests that she take arathi and sing again for them. Manav also arrives at there and requests that she sing for all.

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