Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 19th August 2022 Written Update:

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Virendra getting profound recollecting Devraj’s mom, however at that point decides to take care of Krisha amd her unborn child. Though, Devraj gets inside Krisha’s room and draws out the ladoo given by her folks. He request that she eat it, while Ugra and Jaya sneers recollecting how they harmed it. Around then Rati comes there and tracks down about Jaya’s intrigue. She surges inside Krisha’s room and prevents her from eating it. She takes her out and advises about Jaya’s arrangement, while the last option gets stunned. Jaya and Ugra gets disrupted as Rati ruins their goal. In the mean time, Krisha enlightens Devraj concerning the evil deeds of Jaya.

Here, Krisha tell about Jaya being the mother of Vamika and announces that they are here to get payback from Devraj. Yet, the last option denies to trust it and announces that he confides in Jaya all the more then anybody. Jaya fakes her feelings and yells at Krisha for charging her, while the last option demands Dev tk trust her.

Devraj eats the ladoo to discredit Krisha however abruptly blood begins emerging from his mouth. Krisha gets stressed for himself and request that Rati call specialist. She additionally hurries to find support, however Ugra locks her inside the room alongside Rati. Though, Devraj gets broken tracking down about Jaya’s reality. Virendra likewise comes there to help Dev, yet Jaya pushes her and he gets oblivious. Devraj questions Jaya and states that he would have given everything to her and ask that for what reason she double-crossed him. He communicates his trust and love towards her, while she reviews her past and proclaims that he isn’t her child. She tells how in view of Virendra her child passed on and declares to satisfy her vengeance. Devraj gets oblivious, while Jaya reviews the minutes enjoy with him.

Jaya laments her choice and starts having shift in perspective. Around then Vamika comes there with a weapon and ask Ugra tk bring Krisha. She directs weapon at her toward kill the last option, while Raghav stops her and request that Krisha sign the property papers first. She cries seeing Devraj’s condition and was going to sign the paper, when Jaya grabs it. She expresses that Krisha will not make it happen.

Ahead, Jaya understands her slip-up and cries while Vamika gets irate at her. Raghav slaps Jaya and takes the papers, while Krisha helps Jaya. In the mean time, Jaya attempts to cause Vamika to comprehend that they were off-base. She says that they will get away from that point, yet the last option flies off the handle at her and focuses firearm at Jaya to kill her.

Krisha gets stunned, while Ugra and Raghav harms Jaya and was going to kill her, when Devraj awakens and beats Raghav. He was going to swoon when Jaya and Krisha holds him. Vamika looses her attitude and takes steps to kill Jaya. She again calls attention to weapon at her while Jaya additionally carries her firearm and attempts to stop Vamika. In any case, the last option stays resolved, so Jaya with no choice shoots her and Vamika kicks the bucket.

Further, Krisha brings forth a child kid and Rathores invites him cheerfully. Everybody praises the cheerful second and Devran inquiries regarding Jaya, to which Rati tells that she went to the sanctuary to thank god for the gifts. Gajvardhan likewise favors Krisha and afterward everybody gets together to take a selfie.

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