Nima Denzongpa 18th August 2022 Written Update:

Nima Denzongpa 18th August 2022 Written Update on

Sujatha tells Manav that she isn’t furious on him. He was sorry to her assuming that he said anything wrong. Sujatha asks him what’s he implied? He offers to her how did a young lady referenced him as sir and slip-ups him as another person. How is it that it could happen frequently first police and presently this young lady.

Sujatha lets him know that he is her Manav not another person. They mixed up him as somebody. Manav requests that she show his old pictures and confirmation. Sujatha asks him Is start his theatrics once more? Doesn’t She told him their home was singed in fire so she lost all photograph in it. He remember nothing how will she help it? Later Sunita fears that somebody following them?

Somebody thumps their entryway Sunita fears to open it. Nima opens the entryway and finds mamy kids there. She asks them what are they doing here? Kids lets them know that they need gift for Vinayak pooja. Nima gives cash to them. Later Manav pressing his shirt. Sujatha comes there and ask him What’s the need to press his shirt he going to drive auto? Manav advises her that he truly prefers to wear the pressed shirt. He great searches in it.

Sujatha asks to him Is he still irate on her for what happened yesterday? He denies it. She embraces him from behind and tells him he is a legend. However, he is just her legend. Manav feels awkward and eliminates her hand. He asks her what’s going on with’s she? She lets him know she going to do what they want to do as a matter of fact? Manav faces opposite side to stay away from her.

Sujatha attempts to draw near with her. Power goes off there. Nima is resting in her home. She feels somebody alongside her. She gets stunned to find somebody sitting alongside her. He talks sincerely with her. Nima drives him away and attempts to escape from him. He locks her and tells her she can’t ready to escape from him.

Nima yells Sunita for help. She is resting soundly so she was unable to hear her voice by any means. That individual request her that she could pay attention to him. Here Manav looking for a candle in room. Sujatha lets him know that he will not get it. She turns on the spotlight. She attempts to get heartfelt with him however he stops her by saying there is no power in full region so she really wants battery in her telephone.

He leaves from that point to purchase a light. Here Nima drives that individual away and runs out. She sees Manav there and requests that he help her. She illuminates to him that somebody slipped into her home. Manav sees that individual running out of her home. He follows him behind. He battles with him and eliminates his cover. He was unable to see his face yet tears his Tshirt.

Rishi pushes him down and runs from that point. Nima comes there and notification him got injured. She tears her dhuppatta and ties it around his injury. He asks her what’s the need to destroy her dhuppatta? She lets him know it’s not significant then his injury. He tells her that he got away from him. Nima tells him that somebody deliberately intending to frighten her that is the reason doing this modest demonstration.

He tells her that he doesn’t realize he was sensitive to Saffron. Nima tells him presumably he overlooked it. Sujatha comes there and notification them together. She begins making issues there and sassing Nima. Manav portrays what is happening to her. She asks him Is he just the legend around here to help her? Manav tells her it’s issue of mankind. He isn’t attempting to turn into a legend. He would have done this equivalent to Sujatha too. Sujatha feels that he is lashing out pronto. She takes him from that point. Later Sujatha rubs Rishi’s enlarged back. He grievances to her he is doing this for her purpose. He don’t cherish Nima by any means.

He adds that Manav whom beaten him like this. He requests that she quit focusing on Nima yet Manav. He is requesting confirmation she will ge got in the event that it proceeds. Sujatha looks on. Later Sujatha drops down the Virat’s Id Proof. She attempts to conceal it. Manav figures out the Tshirt of Rishi. He goes up against him.

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