Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 2nd November 2022 Written Update:

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 2nd November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Dev illuminating to Hariprasad that he needed to show something to him. He takes Hariprasad and Vidhi from that point. Hariprasad imparts to Dev that he previously saw all the more then enough embarrassment. What’s he attempting to show him now? Dev requests that he really take a look at the flag. He gets shocked to see Sorry composed on it. Hariprasad asks him doesn’t Vidhi’s banner was there few moments previously?

Hariprasad imparts to him that he eliminated everything. He adds that anything occurred here isn’t Vidhi’s issue. They transformed her image without her insight. He would rather not fault anybody here. This slip-up occurred in his organization. He was the proprietor of this organization so it’s his obligation to apologize to him. Hariprasad tells Vidhi that it’s going on second time. She needs to be more cautious and don’t permit to happen it third time. He leaves from that point. Vidhi asks Dev how can it be the case? He requests that she get inside the vehicle.

Amba saw them together. Vidhi asks Dev for what valid reason is he so pleasant to everybody. Dev answers her that he needs to be good to decent individuals. Amba imagines that Dev again require work to make her grin. However, she won’t leave her. She will effectively inconvenience her. Not set in stone to destroy her life.

Bimla asks Dev how can it be to eliminate all banner in an evening? Hariprasad tells her no good thing occurred here. Bimla shows the banner to Hariprasad and requests that he see the match. He is being more appealing with Vidhi. She gets some information about Arjun. Hariprasad tells her that Kanika likewise examined about it with him. Both are cooperating.

Bimla hears the sounds from kitchen. She feels that feline is upsetting her. She saw Vidhi wrecked her kitchen. She imparts to Bimla that she needed to do fortune cooking. Bimla requests that she leave she will cook for her. Vidhi tells her that Abhimanyu joining office today. He requested that everybody cook for him. In the mean time, Dev is attempting to cook in kitchen. Priya recording his video. Sathyavathi and Abhimanyu values his work. Dev prevents them from aiding him. He asks Priya to don’t transfer it in online entertainment. She send it to Amba. Vidhi imagines that she will give it to Dev first.

Afterward, Amba asks Priya who requested that he cook in kitchen. Does he doing it without anyone else or Vidhi requested that he make it happen. She imparts her contemplations to not entirely settled to get back at her. In the interim, Brilliant neglected to send letters to Ananya on time. Abhimanyu requests that they finish their work before party. Kanika arrives at there and gifts to everybody. Everybody preferred her gifts. Kanika imparts to them that Vidhi decided for everybody. Afterward, Arjun illuminates Dev that he brought a gift for Vidhi.

Precap; Dev will give a gift to Vidhi. Vidhi will be eager to see the MBA grant. She will embrace Dev in joy. Dev will be stunned by her reaction. Afterward, Amba will send a gift to Vidhi’s home under counterfeit name to make issues.

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