Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd November 2022 Written Update:

Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Ruhi requests that Rudraksh avoid Armaan’s significant other. Rudraksh tells her that she can’t talk like this about her mom. She lets him know that Preesha isn’t her mom. She says that Preesha isn’t Rudraksh spouse as well and takes him from that point. Pihu imagines that she needs to accomplish something different. Ruhi shows the line to Rudraksh. She lets him know that Preesha wedded Armaan that is the reason she can’t stand Preesha. She takes him to Sharda. Sharda lets Rudraksh know that what all Preesha did.

Rudraksh ponders that why Preesha is remaining with Armaan when Armaan isn’t ordinary. Pihu lets him know that she know the response. She says that Preesha doing this for cash. She gives the legal authority papers to him. She says that Armaan’s properties on Preesha’s control now. She believes that she made the best choice by making this copy papers with Digvijay’s assistance.

Following day, Preesha takes care of food to Armaan. That’s what rudraksh sees. Pihu illuminates him that their wedding bands are prepared. She embraces him saying that everything is working out positively. Preesha drops the spoon seeing that. Rudraksh asks Pihu that what’s going on with she. Pihu lets him know that she is doing this for him since he need to cause Preesha to feel desirous. He advises Sharda to fix the marriage date. Sharda lets him know that she will converse with Cleric.

After some time, Rudraksh goes into his room with his baggage. He advises Preesha to leave his room. Preesha lets him know that she won’t leave the room. He hauls Armaan out of the room and locks the entryway. He pushes her on the bed. He reminds her about the minutes they partook in the room. He asks her that how might she share this room with Armaan.

She pushes him and opens the entryway. She says that she won’t leave the room. She lets him know that she is the proprietor of this house now. She lets him know that he shouldn’t disapprove of her since he is additionally going to wed Pihu. She says that Rudraksh can take off from the house in the event that he has any issue. She pushes him out of the room and locks the entryway from inside. She imagines that she need to live in their room. He says that he won’t give her visit access this room with Armaan.

Afterward, Preesha gets stunned seeing Rudraksh and Pihu’s photos on the room wall. Rudraksh says that he transformed it. She asks him that how might he eliminate her photos. He tells her that everything in the middle between them. Armaan comes there and takes cover behind Preesha. Preesha chooses to leave the room.

Rudraksh advises Sharda that financial backers needs to contribute once more. He says that he will purchase his home soon. Sharda expresses that following 10 days marriage will occur. That’s what ruhi hears. She cries in her room. Saaransh asks her that for what reason the last option is crying. She lets him know that she don’t believe Preesha and Rudraksh should get isolated. She says that she disdain Preesha in light of the fact that Preesha wedded Armaan.

Precap – Pihu gets a package. She advises Rudraksh that somebody need to purposely isolate them. Sharda sees Preesha giving cash to worker. Preesha asks Rudraksh that how is he doing her on the off chance that he love Pihu. Rudraksh tells her that he is simply attempting to figure out reality.

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