Imlie 2nd November 2022 Written Update:

Imlie 2nd November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Chini embracing Arto and says society won’t uphold their adoration however she just has a place with him. He reviews how Imlie let him know she is missing him. He says in the event that God is with them then it doesn’t feel right to meet each other furtively.

Chini says she knows as well yet they must choose between limited options for the present. She attempts to get heartfelt with him Jatin comes there with his vehicle and vapor seeing them. Atharv advises Chini to deal with herself. Jatin sees Arto is leaving. He thinks Arto is romancing with Chini letting his significant other be. He will show his genuine status. He hits Arto with his vehicle and Imlie likewise arrives at there by her vehicle.

Chini gets stunned seeing the mishap and notification Jatin. She feels he is a psycho. Imlie gets paralyzed seeing Atharv’s harmed body. She requests help from neighborhood individuals however they take pictures of him. Imlie advises them to show a few compassion and call the rescue vehicle. They leave and Imlie reviews her marriage promises with Arto. She ties a dupatta with his leg and her leg. She holds him firmly and hauls him to vehicle.

Chini arrives at home and Rupy goes up against her. Rupy says she previously told Chini can’t separate Arto and Imlie. Chini looks frightened and Rupy requests that she determine what occurred. Chini says Arto met with a mishap and Imlie is with him. Rupy reprimands her for letting Atharv be there. Later Chini gets danger from Jatin over call out to that on the off chance that she takes him, he will uncover to the world that she is having illicit relationship with Imlie’s significant other. Chini gets apprehensive.

Imlie presents a sonnet to give herself inspiration. She gets Arto confessed to emergency clinic. She illuminates Rana’s about Arto’s mishap and she likewise illuminates Police how a vehicle hit Atharv. Arpita advises Chini to go to the emergency clinic, Imlie will get strength from her. Chini says she feels uncomfortable in the clinic so she can’t go. Rupy insults her for not showing worry for her adoration Arto. She expresses as a result of her Arto is in this state and Imlie’s was recently hitched and she grabbed her sister’s joy. She effectively takes Chini to the clinic.

Specialist says he is attempting to balance out Arto’s condition however he lost blood. Imlie blows up and she cries embracing Chini. Imlie converses with the police who express gratitude toward her for illuminating them on time. They say the individual got captured who hit Arto. They get Jatin front of all and Chini gets stunned seeing him. She feels now she will get uncovered.

Precap-Arto lets Imlie know that he used to thinks she is truly sweet and guiltless yet in genuine she is a miscreant and she undermined him. He doesnt love her and he won’t remain with her in same room. Imlie is left stunned.

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