Kundali Bhagya 2nd November 2022 Written Update:

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Episode starts with Preeta asks fear monger that where is Kavya. She says that her little girl should be terrified. He tells her that Kavya panics everybody. He illuminates her that they delivered Kavya. He says that Preeta can leave as well. She asks him that when they will deliver different understudies.

He gets some information about her and her girl. Media journalists scrutinizes Police for not going inside the school. Police overseer lets them know that nothing out of sorts occurred in the school till now. Media correspondents inquires as to whether police trusting that awful will occur.

Fear monger avoids Preeta with regards to the school. Preeta asks Rishabh that where is Kavya. Rishabh tells her that Kavya is inside the school still. She says that she needs to go to Kavya. Sherlyn ponders that why Prithvi delivered Preeta. She says that Prithvi ought to have delivered Arjun in light of the fact that Arjun is hazardous. Media journalists asks that for what good reason fear mongers delivered Preeta.

Then again, Arjun loosens himself. He finds Kavya’s introduction to the world endorsement. He discovers that Kavya is his girl. He reviews that how he met her most memorable time. He likewise reviews the minutes he imparted to her. He cries holding the birth authentication. He says that his heart said that Kavya is his girl. He lets himself know that he won’t allow anybody to hurt Kavya. He says that Kavya’s dad will save her today.

In the mean time, Kavya believes that she needs to help Preeta. She is going to leave the room however different understudies stops her. Psychological oppressor comes there and orders them to remain in line. Outside the school, Preeta says that she needs to go to Kavya. Luthras consoles her. Preeta advises Rishabh to follow through with something. Sherlyn believes that Preeta behaving like just her girl is inside the school.

Kavya asks Supervisor that where is Preeta. Supervisor is going to slap Kavya. However, Arjun hauls Kavya and embraces her. Kavya requests that he not cry since she is fine. He tells her that he saw as her. He beat Supervisor in the mood for attempting to slap Kavya. Psychological militants focuses firearm at Arjun. Mike gets on accidentally. Arjun sees Raja. He asks him that what is the last option doing there. Raja lets him know that he came to pursue his retribution on him. They makes Arjun oblivious. Everybody hears everything. Preeta says such Kavya’s reality in peril because of Arjun.

Dadi behaves like getting cardiovascular failure. Police examiner calls a rescue vehicle. Preeta, Rishabh and Srishti slip into the school utilizing what is happening. Sherlyn calls Prithvi and asks him that what’s going on inside the school. Prithvi tells her that fear based oppressors are not shrewd like him. She illuminates him that Rishabh, Preeta and Srishti slipped into the school.

Rishabh gets found out by psychological militant. Srishti beat psychological militant up to save Rishabh. Psychological oppressor swoons. Rishabh and Srishti conceals the psychological oppressor. Rishabh asks Srishti that where is Preeta. Srishti lets him know that Preeta went to look through Kavya. She says that Rishabh love Preeta to such an extent. He educates her that he care concerning Preeta to such an extent.

Precap – Arjun saves Preeta from fear mongers. He shouts at her colloquialism that she killed him. He tells her that he has a girl.

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