Kundali Bhagya 1st November 2022 Written Update:

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The fear based oppressor opens the entryway allowing Preeta to emerge, she promptly demands him to relinquish her little girl and they can keep her here assuming they want, the psychological militant makes sense of that she has truly prodded them when Preeta solicitations to see her girl, the fear monger makes sense of she can go outside with her little

girl hearing which Preeta is shocked, the fear monger makes sense of she is outside with only three different kids while every other person is still inside, Preeta questions why have they not delivered some other youngsters and what error have they made, the psychological militant makes sense of he knows what to do, they will leave when their requests are met.

The monitor illuminate the senior that the wouldn’t have the option to hold these individuals significantly longer, the correspondents question for what reason is the police not doing anything since it is their obligation and in the event that they have not had the option to enter the school what else is there to do, Controller makes sense of they have not seen anything like this again so to this end they are acting like this, he figures out how to cause the columnists to feel humiliated.

The fear monger stroll to the entryway of the school with their weapon pointed towards Preeta, they take steps to kill everybody inside assuming the police attempts to enter the school, he sends Preeta out who quickly asks Rishab where is Kavya, he is stunned answering she is still inside. Preeta surges addressing why he said her girl is outside when she is still inside, they compromise her so Rakhi illuminates they lied as Kavya never came outside,

Karina attempts to quiet down Preeta illuminating she can’t head inside. Controller encourages Rishab to approach Preeta and assist her with trying to avoid panicking. The journalists make sense of that Preeta was sent external subsequent to lying that her girl is outside, Sherlin asks for what reason does prithvi commit such errors as he ought to have sent Arjun outside who may be an issue for him.

Arjun is attempting to open the ropes however it is off no utilization, he believes that he really wants to find a sharp article as the fear based oppressor figure he would stay here while Kavya is with the psychological militant, Arjun figures out how to make the shelf fall when he sees the glass on the work area, Arjun breaks it on the floor prior to bowing before it, he attempts to pick a piece of the glass which he would use to cut the rope, he is at last ready to break free after huge exertion.

Arjun sees the document with the name of Kavya so gets t, he shouts it is the birth authentication of Kavya, reviewing the date assuming five months after he left so how might she be the girl of Rishab. He is dazed perusing that Kavya is the little girl of Karan Luthra. Arjun bobbles thinking Kavya is his little girl, he reviews how she said she goes by The kavya Luthra similarly as he would acquaint himself with the world.

Arjun thinks she generally confided in him to save her life, he shouts he realize that Kavya was his girl so has now viewed as the confirmation. Arjun remains out of frustration promising to not allow her to get injured as today her dad will safeguard her, Arjun promises that nothing can happen to his little girl.

The understudies demand Piya to likewise give them a chocolate however she at first declines before at last giving them a piece, kavya imagines that she really wants to assist her mom with night when Arjun shouts she is truly perfect, the understudies stop her when the fear based oppressor out of nowhere enters the homeroom referencing he has exceptionally large reptiles and cockroach in his pack so would toss them over her, kavya requests that he not see her like this since she isn’t terrified, he makes sense of he would toss the reptiles over them yet first they should walk.

Preeta is demanding to simply meet Kavya when the Luthra’s makes sense of she should resist the urge to panic since they have heard that another auditor is coming who is extremely capable.

Shabir comes when the fear based oppressor take the kids to him, he is exceptionally delighted to see that they have tracked down them so asks where is Prithvi, Kavya continues to address where is her mom, a psychological militant is going to slap her however Arjun hurries to embrace her, shabir shouts they have likewise got Arjun with Kavya. She inevitably shouts he should not cry since she is fine, Arjun shouts even he is fine now that the two of them have met,

Shabir attempts to isolate Arjun and Kavya which infuriates him so he begins beating Shabir, who inevitably undermines Arjun, he is dazed to see Raja asking what is he doing here, Raja answers he returned to get payback from Arjun since he truly cherishes Kavya so presently would see how he treats her, as he said he is great with the individuals who are decent while evil with some unacceptable individuals. The fear monger hit Arjun in the head who gets oblivious, Shabir teaches his men to remove the understudies, while illuminating Prithvi they have done what he requested that they do.

Preeta demands Rishab to take her inside on the off chance that he really focuses on her, Shristhi likewise chooses to go with them when the auditor questions where they are going, Dadi begins feeling anxious, so the investigator is compelled to call the police.

Rishab alongside Preeta and Shristhi are looking for the understudies in the school, calling Kavya when Shristhi asks why the police didn’t utilize this way, Rishab answers he simply cares to safeguard his little girl.

Sherlin calls Prithvi who is in the school, she shouts he never answers the call at the significant time, he answers the call when prithvi answers he would have replied assuming that she called him, Sherlin answers she doesnot need to chat with him assuming he acts so impolitely with her. Prithvi shouts she never comprehends he is in a particularly focused circumstance as he is encircled by fear based oppressors while the police is remaining outside. Prithvi makes sense of he figured he would hijack Kavya and request large chunk of change, yet the fear monger came here, he feels they all are simpletons don’t yet know anything about it, he acknowledges that they know how to utilize weapons. Sherlin makes reference to he is unusual.

Rishab opens the study hall, yet a psychological militant comes out undermining Rishab to walk straight, Shristhi is stunned, so she stirs things up around town who falls oblivious, Shristhi makes sense of she was wanting to do some activity however didn’t find the opportunity, Rishab recommends her to initially deal with the circumstance and save them both, they begin hauling the fear monger.

Sherlin illuminates Prithvi that he will face and, surprisingly, huge issue in light of the fact that Rishab, Preeta and Shristhi have left to enter the school and could have previously entered, the call separates as the battery of her portable finishes, prithvi attempts to call her yet can’t.

Rishab and Shristhi figure out how to take the psychological militant to the corner, he stands asking where is Preeta, Shristhi makes sense of she would have gone to save kavya, Rishab gets anxious when Shristhi questions on the off chance that he cherishes Preeta di, Rishab asks what kind of inquiry is this as they have been hitched for such a long time so will generally focus on one another, Rishab can’t respond to it and feels bashful.

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