Molkki 7th February 2022 Written Update:

Episode starts with Purvi shields Gajraj against Virendra. Virendra asks her that how might she accept Gajraj over him and why he will blame him pointlessly. He advises her to quit acting. She lets him know that she isn’t acting yet burnt out on everything. She says that she is happy that Gajraj was with her when she had coronary episode since, supposing that Virendra was with her then he was unable to have saved her. She lets him know that she can’t live like this any longer. He requests that she quit blathering. She says that she is coming clean and she would rather not live with him and requests that he sign on the legal documents.

He tells her that she ended up being distraught for sure. She lets him know that the last option is crafty and he is saving her with him for the cash he gave it to her dad. She requests that Gajraj give that cash to Virendra. She advises Virendra to get cash and separation her. He tells her that she offended his adoration by discussing cash and she has the right to remain with Gajraj as it were. He grabs the legal documents from her and signs on it. He tells her that she is liberated from now on and she can do anything she desires to do and he leaves the royal residence.

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She goes to her room and cries reviewing the minutes she imparted to Virendra. She says that she is harmed that she needed to act like that with Virendra. She lets herself know that she can’t avoid him regardless. Furthermore she will go to him subsequent to rebuffing Gajraj. In the mean time, Virendra feels that he realizes that Purvi behaving like this to rebuff Gajraj and these legal documents can’t cut off their friendship.

Following day, Purvi says that she realizes that she is alarming Virendra however needed to do this to uncover Gajraj. She wipes her tears hearing strides. Gajraj goes into the room and gives tissue to her. He requests that she not weep for Virendra in light of the fact that he don’t merit her benevolence. He tells her that she is as yet wiped out so she should deal with herself. She lets him know that she don’t have a spot to remain.

He tells her that his beginning and end has a place with her in particular and she can remain with him in this royal residence. She lets him know that she isn’t understanding that the way in which she will reimburse. She imagines that by remaining in this castle she will demonstrate that he is Satyam not Gajraj. Worker illuminates Gajraj about Police’s appearance.

Gajraj goes ground floor. Nurture tells Police overseer that Gajraj is Satyam who killed his better half Renu. Gajraj giggles at her and asks that who is Satyam. Purvi requests that he demonstrate that he is Gajraj on the grounds that she realizes that Nurse lying. Nurture shows her injuries to them saying that Gajraj assaulted her. Purvi feels that Nurse made her work simple. Police examiner requests that Gajraj carry verification to demonstrate that he is Gajraj as it were.

Gajraj brings reports from his room and gives it to Police monitor to demonstrate that he is Gajraj as it were. Nurture says that she will demonstrate that he is lying. She requests that Purvi not trust him. Police takes Nurse from that point. Then again, Anjali gets some information about Purvi. He illuminates her and Yogi about Purvi’s choice. She lets him know that Purvi loves him so she would not accomplish something to that effect.

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